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Nearby stations

Kayabacho Station Exit #11 (Tozai line) 5-minute walk
Kayabacho Station Exit #7 (Hibiya line) 7–minute walk
Nihombashi Station Exit #D2 (Toei Asakusa line) 5-minute walk
Tokyo Station Yaesu Chuo Exit (JR line) 20-minute walk


Floor Guide

Floor Guide

Group/Individual Visitors

Visitors to TSE Arrows are asked to enter at the west entrance.
Visitors for a company information session are asked to enter at the south entrance, show an application form drafted by the company, and go through the security check.

  • There is no visitor car parking available and public transportation is recommended.

For more information on Visiting TSE Arrows, please click on the link below.

Visiting TSE Arrows


2-1 Nihombashi Kabutocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8224, Japan

Japan Exchange Group, Inc.
Tel: +81-3-3666-1361

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
Tel: +81-3-3666-0141

Osaka Exchange, Inc.
Tel: +81-6-4706-0800

Japan Exchange Regulation
Tel: +81-3-3666-0431

  • Open on weekdays: 8:45 - 16:45