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TSE Guided Tour and Study App for Smartphone

Tokyo Stock Exchange (“TSE”) has launched a free TSE Guided Tour and Study App for Smartphone (“Learning App”). Users can use the app as a guide during their visits to TSE or study up on TSE topics at home and school.
(Please see list of supported smartphones and tablets.)


  • Available in Japanese and English
  • Up to 30 topics to choose from(learn about the history of securities, hand signals, what a stock exchange does, and more!)
  • Technical explanation of exhibitions at the TSE History Museum
  • Access to images and videos not available to the public

How to use

Learning App is used by "Kan-navi" of SHIFT Inc.
Head on over to the Google Play or App Store and download the app on your Smartphone to use it anytime, anywhere!



Supported smartphones and tablets

Compatible with Not compatible with
iPad mini 3
iPad mini 2
iPad Air
iPad Air 2
Android mobile devices
Windows OS mobile devices