Japan Exchange Regulation

Japan Exchange Regulation President Takafumi Sato

To maintain market integrity.
In support of Japan's further development.

A high quality securities exchange is vital for the sustainable development and prosperity of the Japanese economy. It serves as a platform for industries and new businesses to raise capital and as a platform for domestic and overseas investors to conduct fund management.

Japan Exchange Group (JPX) was established following the business combination between Tokyo Stock Exchange Group and Osaka Securities Exchange (now Osaka Exchange) and is aiming to become "the most preferred exchange in Asia."

Realizing this vision requires a high degree of fairness and transparency, and Japan Exchange Regulation (JPX-R) is dedicated to ensuring fair trading and product quality in the exchange market. JPX-R is the self-regulatory body of JPX, and is exclusively in charge of listing examination, listed company compliance, market surveillance, broker-dealers inspection, amongst other things, for both Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Exchange.

Through close communications with the market, we will readily adapt to various market developments worldwide and perform flexible and effective self-regulation amid increasingly intense global competition. Meanwhile, JPX-R's autonomous position in the corporate group allows us to exercise neutral and fair judgment. Building a fair and reliable market is our utmost mission.

Takafumi Sato
Japan Exchange Regulation