Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) is a licensed financial instruments exchange under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan, which is engaged in the provision of market facilities for trading of securities, publication of stock prices and quotations, ensuring fair trading of securities and other financial instruments, and other matters related to the operation of exchange financial instruments markets.

About Cash Markets

We operate and maintain 1st Section, 2nd Section, Mothers and JASDAQ to be central to TSE markets.
TSE has established its position as Japan’s central market, and is ranked the third in the world* and the first in Asia* by market capitalization.

In an effort to accommodate varied needs of investors, we are promoting to diversify our product lineups such as ETFs and ETNs, which will allow investors to take advantage of more diversified asset allocation at smaller costs.

We serve as a one-stop market and offer a wide variety of ETFs and ETNs linked to Japanese and foreign stock price indices, commodity indices such as precious metal and agricultural products, REIT indices, and leveraged and inverse indicators calculated by multiplying the daily fluctuation rate of the underlying indicators.

We consider it extremely important and essential to ensure a stable system operation to maintain stability and reliability in market by keeping a trading platform smoothly.

To accommodate varied needs of users in response to diversified and sophisticated trading methods due to advancements in financial information technology and listing of new financial instruments etc. in an appropriate and flexible manner, it is necessary to develop and improve the system infrastructure.

We operate the cash market trading system “arrowhead” which combines low latency, high reliability and scalability. With the best latency level in order processing and data distribution as well as the synchronized 3-node data protection system to restore trading information such as orders, executions, and order books, “arrowhead” positions itself as one of the best trading system of the world.

  • The market capitalization is as of end of December, 2016.