JPX Monthly Headlines

JPX group companies undertake various initiatives and disseminate information with the aim of providing the most attractive markets to all users.
Every month, we showcase the highlights of these efforts in short and concise summaries just for you.


IPO update for 2019

The demand for IPOs remains strong, with 90 companies newly listing on TSE in 2019. The Mothers market accounted for approximately 70% of all the new listings with 63 IPOs.
In 2019 Mothers commemorated its 20th anniversary, having launched in 1999. This year saw continued listings of many emerging companies with high growth potential, matching the concept of the market. The professional investor-oriented TOKYO PRO Market also welcomed 9 companies this year, hitting a record for the third consecutive year.
TSE will work to continue encouraging and ensuring the quality of IPOs in 2020, through cooperation and collaboration with underwriters, audit firms, and other market participants involved in the IPO process, while proactively advancing our listing promotion activities across the country.

Dec. 3 & 6: Seminars Held for Leaders of Future Listed Companies

TSE held two seminars, on December 3 in Tokyo and December 6 in Osaka, for executives of companies soon to be listed. Speakers included Mr. Nakao Koichi , President & CEO of Takara Bio Inc., who talked about what opportunities for growth the company gained through listing, and topics which were focused on in the listing examination. Also, a representative from JPX-R spoke on how to encourage healthy development of the IPO market, using real-life examples to explain the importance of executive leadership in ensuring good management through the whole company.

Dec. 10: End-of year Cleaning Ceremony of Dojima Rice Exchange Monument

OSE held an end-of year cleaning ceremony at the memorial monument "A GRAIN OF LIGHT" which stands at the site of the former Dojima Rice Exchange. The weather stayed fine for the ceremony. Dirt on the 1.5 meter high and 3 meter wide grain of rice was brushed off with a 2.5 meter-long bamboo broom, a symbol of appreciation for the previous year and preparation for the coming one. "A GRAIN OF LIGHT" is a memorial monument installed to commemorate the 30th anniversary of stock index futures trading, and attracts many visitors as a historical site of interest in Dojima.

Dec. 16: Launch of New Web-based System "J-NET Portal"

A new web-based system, J-NET Portal, was launched on December 16, 2019. The Portal allows trading participants to place J-NET trade orders (limited to certain index futures and options) through a web-based system, as well as allowing inter-dealer brokers with pre-approval from a trading participant to preliminarily input details of J-NET trade orders.

Dec. 20: "Dialogue between companies and investors on TCFD" symposium held with FSA

Japan Exchange Group, Inc. and the Japanese Financial Services Authority held a symposium to discuss how investors and companies can improve dialogue on climate-related financial disclosures. The topic was discussed from various points of view, with speakers including experts from the FSA, a government-related research body, an asset manager, a consulting firm, and listed companies. After keynote speeches on the physical impact of climate change, how Japanese business is progressing on climate-related disclosures, and ideal management styles for tackling climate change issues, a panel discussion included real examples of climate-related disclosures from listed companies, and comments from other panelists. The symposium was attended by around 300 delegates from mostly TCFD Consortium member companies and organizations.

Dec. 30: Ceremony on Last Trading Day of 2019

On December 30, JPX and its group companies held market closing ceremonies in Tokyo and Osaka to mark the last trading day of 2019. The events were attended by many people from the industry and the public. The special guest invited to ring the bell in Tokyo was Mr. Nomura Mansai, known as an actor in traditional "ky?gen" comedy theater and also in a wide range of fields including movies, TV dramas, and contemporary plays. After the bell-ringing ceremony, all attendees and spectators joined in a customary hand-clapping to close out the year.