Environmental Conservation

JPX aims to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and takes initiatives to lessen its environmental footprint by conserving energy use in lighting and air conditioning of its business facilities. We also take steps to increase environmental awareness among employees through tree planting, community cleanup activities, and other initiatives.

Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

To lessen our impact on the natural environment, JPX is strengthening its measures to reduce energy use for lighting and air conditioning on its business premises. For example, the amount of electricity used in the TSE Building has steadily declined since we attained the voluntary reduction targets set by the securities industry in Japan in 2008 (a 12% reduction by 2012 in comparison with 2002), which were based on the Kyoto Protocol. This was the result of the replacement of air-conditioner equipment and a shift to more efficient lighting alternatives, as well as efforts to raise environmental consciousness among employees. In FY2013, even though electricity use in the TSE Building rose due to an increase in the number of personnel following the business combination, JPX has continued to make improvements to its facilities. These include moving from desktop PCs to notebooks, reducing lighting sources in common areas, turning off unneeded lighting, and other measures to conserve energy. As a result, per capita energy use has decreased.
In addition, overall energy use at JPX, including data centers, has decreased. While the enhancement of backup systems in recent years has led to the need to expand facilities, JPX has improved the efficiency of its infrastructure and reduced overall energy use. Going forward, we will continue to strengthen our environmental management systems and reduce our environmental footprint in our contributions to the creation of a sustainable society.

Energy Consumption at the TSE Building (electricity and gas)

Tree-Planting Program

The TSE Listing Forest began in June 2004 in Yurihonjo, Akita Prefecture. Each year, saplings are planted with the hope that the exchange will grow and prosper along with newly planted saplings. Tree-planting activities are also intended to heighten the awareness of environmental conservation among younger employees.
FY2013 marked the 10th year of this activity. A total of 50 participants, including JPX employees, groups from Yurihonjo, and others planted a total of 70 trees.
In conjunction with the tree-planting activities, local elementary schools were also presented with a program entitled “Our Livelihood and Stock Corporations” with the aim of deepening their understanding of the economy.

Tree planting in the TSE Listing Forest.
Tree planting in the TSE Listing Forest.

Tree planting in the TSE Listing Forest.