Promoting International Cooperation

Participation and Cooperation with International Organizations

World Federation of Exchanges (WFE)

WFE is a global industry association for exchanges and clearing houses. Its various initiatives include publishing policy papers, conducting surveys and research, and compiling and providing statistical data on capital markets. WFE also supports market infrastructure development through information sharing among member exchanges and technical support for emerging exchanges. In its recent activities, WFE raised several key themes including regulatory coherence or market fragmentation, policies on technologies such as initial coin offerings (ICOs) and crypto assets, as well as ESG in market structure.
JPX actively supports WFE initiatives by participating in activities of the General Assembly and Working Committee, notably, serving as vice chair of WFE's Sustainability Working Group.

Asian and Oceanian Stock Exchanges Federation (AOSEF)

AOSEF is a regional federation of 19 stock exchanges located in the Asia and Oceania region. AOSEF aims to facilitate information sharing and provide mutual technical support among member exchanges. JPX serves as the secretariat for AOSEF, promoting research initiatives while also leading the General Assembly and Working Committee.
In its recent activities, AOSEF established working groups on themes such as corporate governance, investor education, and information disclosure to facilitate information exchange and research among members. In addition to these, there are plans to launch a new group related to sustainability, as it focuses on themes highly relevant to its members.

Support for Overseas Securities Markets (commissioned by JICA)

For Asia's fast growing emerging nations, the establishment and development of securities exchanges is an important issue. Under commission by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), JPX welcomes trainees from overseas exchanges and related organizations and sends experts on-site with the aim of contributing to the development of capital and securities markets in Asia.
In these training programs, JPX staff from the various divisions deliver lectures on core exchange business topics ranging from listing examination, listed company compliance, trading supervision and market surveillance, participant rules, and clearing and settlement, as well as recent topics such as fintech and sustainability. In recent years, besides programs open to participants from multiple countries, for Myanmar, in which Japan is deeply involved in supporting capital market development, JPX also provides technical assistance on rule development and such assistance focused on developing the country's securities market. In addition, JPX provides support to JICA's project team in Vietnam toward enhancing investor protection for the Vietnamese securities market.