Promoting Academic and Research Activities

Joint Research with the University of Tokyo

Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (JPX) conducts research in collaboration with the University of Tokyo on data analysis technologies and simulation technologies to contribute to the stability and efficiency of financial instrument exchange markets. JPX’s finance research team works with two research teams at the Department of System Innovation, School of Engineering under Professor Kiyoshi Izumi and Associate Professor Fujio Toriumi to develop technology for analyzing the huge amounts of data generated by high-speed, high-frequency and other forms of trading. Through the use of artificial market simulations to simulate situations that cannot be observed in the market, this research develops technology and system designs that will allow for more stable and efficient operations in financial instrument exchange markets.


JPX Working Papers

JPX highlights research and studies on changes in the market and regulatory environment with the aim of raising competitiveness. Conducted by officers and employees of JPX, its subsidiaries, and affiliates, as well as outside researchers, JPX Working Papers are intended to draw comments widely from academia, research institutions, and other market participants and observers.

JPX Working Papers

JPX Study Group on the Financial Instruments & Exchange Act

The JPX Study Group on the Financial Instruments & Exchange Act was established on November 2013 upon the business combination between Tokyo Stock Exchange Group (currently, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. or "TSE") and Osaka Securities Exchange (currently, Osaka Exchange, Inc. or "OSE") that resulted in the formation of JPX as the successor to the OSE Study Group on the Financial Instruments & Exchange Act (established on September 2009), which had been managed by the former OSE.
The study group consists of a couple dozen leading researchers who, in general, hold discussions and issue reports on a monthly basis about a wide range of legal issues pertaining to securities markets, primarily focusing on the Financial Instruments & Exchange Act.
The contents of the discussions and reports by the study group are posted on the JPX website (available only in Japanese) and published periodically as booklet.