Overview of IPO

There are two types of requirements by which the company will be examined to list its stock encompassed by the so called Listing Requirements: “Formal Requirements” and “Eligibility Requirements”. TSE examines the company, which meets “Formal Requirements” and conducts an examination on in under “Eligibility Requirements.”
In application of the rules and regulations of the Exchange to a foreign country or a foreign corporation where the foreign country or the foreign corporation is an issuer, etc. of a listed security, the Exchange shall take into account legal systems, practices and customs, etc. in such foreign country or the country, etc. of the foreign corporation.

Formal Requirements

Formal Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements
  • Regarding TOKYO PRO Market, J-Advisers will perform the examination of eligibility for listing on TOKYO PRO Market,
    as no listing examination will be performed by JPX Regulation.

Details of Requirements for Listing Examination

TSE 1st and 2nd Section
Foreign Stocks