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Overview of the Service

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (“TSE”) and SCRIPTS Asia Inc. (“SCRIPTS Asia”), will deliver SCRIPTS Asia’s investor event transcripts in Japanese and English through the TSE’s information delivery system.

SCRIPTS Asia is the leading provider of investor events coverage for Asia Pacific. Through its in-person event attendance, SCRIPTS Asia provides unique access to earnings meetings, analyst briefings, and shareholder meetings in the region. From these events, comprehensive English and local language transcripts, in addition to detailed event data, will be made available.
In addition, we are encouraging listed companies who wish to have their events covered to participate in the SCRIPTS Asia corporate network.

Service Overview for Investors

Available Data

The following two types of data are provided by the Tokyo Stock ExchangeTSE as part of the service.

Data Type Overview
Transcripts(JPN/ENG) Transcripts(local language) and translations(English) of events such as earning announcements
Event Audio Audio file that SCRIPTS Asia obtained through in-person event attendance
  • Events from more than 800 listed companies in Japan (as of Feb. 2021).
  • Events from more than 1,800 listed companies across 10 Asian markets (as of Feb. 2021).
  • Audio and event data will be delivered upon the event completion.
  • Transcription of the Q&A Section will be delivered within three hours of event completion.
  • Full transcripts of the event will be delivered by 8:00 a.m. the day after the event completion. English translations are available within 24 hours of the local language transcript release.
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Environment Overview

Transcript information will be uploaded to buckets on public cloud environments provided by Amazon Web Services. Customers can download and use the desired data from the bucket via the Internet using the access key ID, etc. granted by TSE. Details of the Service can be found in the “Investor Transcript Delivery Service Guide”.

Price List

For pricing information, please contact us for further details.

Contract and Application

In order to use the event transcript service, you need to complete the application process.

Information for Listed Companies

  • There is no charge for event coverage provided by SCRIPTS Asia.
  • Regarding English translation, we may provide it for a fee, taking into consideration the market capitalization and the characteristics of the investor class, so please contact the following inquiries for details.
  • SCRIPTS Asia will create an event transcript of financial results briefings, shareholders' meetings, and other investor events on your behalf.
  • SCRIPTS Asia also provides a translation of your meetings in English, so you don't need to do it at your company.
  • The full meeting transcript will be provided to your company free of charge. It can also be sent to investors or posted to your IR site.
  • For inquiries from listed companies, please contact us using the form below.
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