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With the aim of utilizing machine translation, etc. to meet the growing need for disclosure in English, TSE provides corpus data made from timely disclosure.
Corpus is an accumulation of digitized natural language sentences utilized for research on natural language processing, etc. and in recent years, employed especially for machine translation.

Service Overview

The data provided by this service as the "TSE Timely Disclosure Corpus" is as follows:

Data Type Data Overview
Timely Disclosure Monolingual Corpus
(Jpn or Eng)
Both Japanese and English corpuses are constructed from text that is automatically extracted from timely disclosure documents, etc. (in PDF) during a specific time period.
Timely Disclosure Parallel Corpus
(Jpn and Eng)
A parallel corpus of Japanese and English is based on the above monolingual corpus from timely disclosure documents.
Parallel corpus for 1 year
(+ monolingual corpus pair file)
A set of the above parallel corpus (Jpn-Eng) and text-extracted Japanese-English files (monolingual corpus) constructed from the same corpus based on timely disclosure documents.
TSE Timely Disclosure Corpus Service Guide icon-pdf
Terms and Conditions for TSE Timely Disclosure Corpus icon-pdf

Price List

Service Types Individual Corporate Usage Rate/Group Company Usage Rate(JPY w/o Tax)*1
Parallel corpus for 1 year (412,292 sentence pairs) JPY 2 mil./JPY 3 mil.
Parallel corpus for 1 year (+monolingual corpus file pair) JPY 3 mil./JPY 4.5 mil.
Jpn-Eng Monolingual Corpus for 1 year JPY 3 mil./JPY 4.5 mil.

Multi-year purchase Discount

Parallel corpus

Individual Corporate Usage Rate(JPY w/o Tax)*1 Group Company Usage Rate(JPY w/o Tax)*1
2Years JPY 3.6 mil. (JPY1.8mil./yr, 10%discount) JPY 5.4 mil. (JPY2.7mil./yr, 10%discount)
3Years JPY 4.8 mil. (JPY1.6mil./yr, 20%discount) JPY 7.2 mil. (JPY2.4mil./yr, 20%discount)
4Years JPY 6.4 mil. (JPY1.6mil./yr, 20%discount) JPY 9.6 mil. (JPY2.4mil./yr, 20%discount)
5Years*2 JPY 7 mil. (JPY1.4mil./yr, 30%discount) JPY 10.5 mil. (JPY2.1mil./yr, 30%discount)

Parallel corpus +monolingual corpus file pair

Individual Corporate Usage Rate(JPY w/o Tax)*1 Group Company Usage Rate(JPY w/o Tax)*1
2Years JPY 5.4 mil. (JPY2.7mil./yr, 10%discount) JPY 8.1 mil. (JPY4.05mil./yr, 10%discount)
3Years JPY 7.2 mil. (JPY2.4mil./yr, 20%discount) JPY 10.8 mil. (JPY3.6mil./yr, 20%discount)
4Years JPY 9.6 mil. (JPY2.4mil./yr, 20%discount) JPY 14.4 mil. (JPY3.6mil./yr, 20%discount)
5Years*2 JPY 10.5 mil. (JPY2.1mil./yr, 30%discount) JPY 15.75 mil. (JPY3.15mil./yr, 30%discount)

Monolingual Corpus

Individual Corporate Usage Rate(JPY w/o Tax)*1 Group Company Usage Rate(JPY w/o Tax)*1
5Years JPY 5 mil. (JPY1mil./yr, 66%discount) JPY 7.5 mil. (JPY1.5mil./yr, 66%discount)
10Years JPY 7 mil. (JPY0.7mil./yr, 76%discount) JPY 10.5 mil. (JPY1.05mil./yr, 76%discount)

  • Academic use is one tenth of the price. Academic use is defined as below.
    Use of the information for non-commercial activity by a non-profit organization or an individual belonging to such organization for conducting research/studies whose results are not used for commercial purposes. The customer shall not publish the results of the research/study in a form where the original information may be obtained by a third party. The customer shall cooperate with TSE's requests regarding the results of the research/study.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • Purchase over 5 years:30% discounted price multiplied by the number of years purchased.

Data provision environment

TSE uploads TSE Timely Disclosure Corpus into buckets on the public cloud provided by Amazon Web Services. Customers are then provided with an Access Key ID, etc. which can be used to download the data they wish to use from the buckets through the Internet.

Contracts and Applications

To use TSE Timely Disclosure Corpus, application procedures are required as prescribed below.

Applications open

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Procedures for the Service

TSE Timely Disclosure Corpus Data Application Formicon-block

Contact : For inquiries about the initiation procedure, contract and billing

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. Information Services Department

Contact : For inquiries about TSE Timely Disclosure Corpus Data and “TSE Timely Disclosure Corpus Service Guide”

Japan Exchange Group, Inc. FinTech Laboratory, Corporate Strategy