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Apr. 19, 2016 TSE Calculation of indices in relation to shares of Water Direct Corporation


Water Direct Corporation (2nd Section / 2588) is scheduled to conduct gratis allotment of subscription warrants. In connection with this corporate action, the calculation of Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section Index on the ex-rights date shall be handled as follows, taking into consideration that such subscription warrants will not be listed.

1. Summary of Gratis Allotment of Subscription Warrants

- No. of shares eligible for allotment: 8,301,241 shares (tentative)
(One subscription warrant shall be allotted to 1 share.)
- Amount to be paid: 507 JPY per share
- Ex-rights date: May. 9, 2016
- Record date for allotment: May. 11, 2016
(Note) A listing application of subscription warrant securities related to the above subscription warrants is not scheduled to be filed.

2. No. of Shares Used for Index Calculation

No. of shares used for index calculation will not be changed due to this corporate action.

3. Adjustment to Base Market Value

The adjustment amount due to this corporate action is 0, and the base market value will not be adjusted.

  • The method of index calculation in relation to the exercise of the subscription warrants allotted through this corporate action will be the same as that in the case of a normal exercise of subscription warrants. The number of shares used for index calculation and the base market value will be adjusted on the last business day of the month following the exercise.


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