Introduction to COMLEC

COMLEC (Compliance Learning Center) was established to promote support for compliance activities by listed companies and trading participants (broker-dealers qualified to access directly the trading platform of Tokyo Stock Exchange or Osaka Exchange). It endeavors to ensure fairness in the market by providing investors and other market users with opportunities for obtaining knowledge about laws and regulations concerning securities trading.


COMLEC provides various learning and training services concerning compliance based on expertise thanks to JPX-R's proximity to the market.

The policy of COMLEC is as follows:

  • COMLEC provides high quality learning and training contents with practical applications.
  • COMLEC explains the contents of the latest laws and regulations as well as various related rules in an easily understandable manner.
  • COMLEC provides learning and training tools tailored to the needs of individual users.

Origin of the COMLEC Logo


COMLEC's logo represents its efforts to cultivate and raise awareness of compliance to open the doors to a new era in compliance.