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The Securities Identification Code Committee (SICC) is a committee formed and operated by the 5 securities exchanges in Japan (Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Exchange, Nagoya Stock Exchange, Fukuoka Stock Exchange and Sapporo Securities Exchange) and the Japan Securities Depository Center (JASDEC). It was formed in view of public interest with the purpose of setting a common unified standard for the numbering of securities codes and sectors of public corporations and other entities.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange is the secretariat of the SICC. The SICC is a member of the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA), and is the designated ISIN code numbering agency for Japan.

The ISIN code is the global common standard for identification codes of securities as specified in ISO6166, the specifications for the international securities identification number system. A country may have only one designated national numbering agency.

Japan has numbering authority on a part of the ISIN numbering system. This part for domestic issues is specified by the SICC in the "New Securities Code Specifications".

  • ・The SICC sets securities codes and sectors. This does not infer that the SICC certifies that documents such as securities codes application satisfy legal conditions, are truthful and accurate, and that such documents do not lack significant material information. In addition, by setting securities codes and sectors it is does not indicate that the SICC certifies an issuer satisfies criteria to become a public issue, or certifies the appropriateness of listing examinations and decisions on listing applications made by the various exchanges or the like, or guarantees the value of such issue.

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