Regulations concerning the Securities Code and the Sector

Q1.Who decides securities codes ?
A1. The secretariat represents the Securities Identification Code Committee (SICC) and decides the securities codes of all listed issues such as stocks and publicly offered bonds. The SICC is an organization formed by the domestic securities exchanges and Japan Securities Depository Center (JASDEC). The SICC determines the securities codes of individual issues, and prescribes the numbering system and rules of securities codes. While the securities codes numbering system and rules are provided to the public through this website, users of this website are strictly prohibited from setting codes for as yet unassigned issues based on the rules, and using them in public. An application (inquiry) must be submitted to the SICC secretariat.
Q2.What does a securities code look like ?
A2. In addition to the widely known issue code that is represented using a 4-digit code, a securities code is also represented by a 12-character code known as the ISIN (International Securities Identification Number). Issue codes are used by securities companies when performing activities such as accepting orders. While the ISIN is not usually referenced, it is used as data for settlement, deposit, and circulation of securities. In addition, the ISIN is the standard international code specified by ISO 6166 International Securities Identification Code specifications, and it will inevitably be used in transactions with foreign parties.
Q3.What is the difference between the new securities code and the ISIN code ?
A3. The new securities code is the 9-character part containing the basic code in the 12-character ISIN code.
Item Nation name code Basic code (new securities code) Check digit
No. of chars. 2 9 1
(E.g.) JP 325720000 0
For example, the ISIN of the common stock of Kyokuyo Co. Ltd. is "JP3257200000", it follows that the new securities code will be "325720000". In the case of equities, ISIN codes will have a country prefix of the issuing country. As such, all domestic equities are of the above composition.

On the other hand, in the case of foreign equities, Japan does not assign ISIN codes. ISIN codes of foreign equities are assigned by the national numbering agency of the country to which the issuing body legally belongs. It follows that for foreign equities, only the new securities code is assigned in Japan. For example, the new securities code for Deutsche Telekom is "527613000". For your information, the ISIN code for the same company that is registered with the national numbering agency in GERMANY is "DE0005557508
Q4.Where do I inquire about securities codes ?
A4. In principle, a contract is required for inquiries on securities codes. For inquiries about a contract and other related documentation, please contact the secretariat ( In addition, please be informed that out of information in applications (inquiries) and related documents on securities codes submitted to the SICC secretariat (TSE), basic information that is used to identify a securities code may be disclosed. Please be informed that we will not accept your inquiry if you disagree to the disclosure of such basic information in your application (inquiry).
Q5.What will the securities code be in the case of listed companies completing a merger ?
A5. The securities code and sector of the surviving listed company will be used. In the case of equity transfer resulting in the establishment of a new parent company, a new securities code and sector will be assigned.
Q6.Are there cases where securities codes that are no longer in use, due to reasons such as delisting, have been assigned to other companies ?
A6. Securities codes that are no longer in use after July, 1993, due to reasons such as delisting, will not be reused for other companies. However, before this date, there were cases where deleted codes were reused for other companies.
Q7.Is a license agreement required to use a securities code ?
A7. Currently, the SICC secretariat does not require a license agreement for individual use of securities codes, or provision of securities codes to third parties. However, in the case of obtaining securities code information from sources such as information vendors, please check the terms of use and such other agreements accompanying the contract with your information source.

You may choose to utilize the securities code database service and "Securities Identification Code Date" provided by the SICC secretariat as a means of access to information on securities codes. Provision of information to third parties within the scope of the terms of use is allowed.

The setting and public use of code numbers of securities through the use of terms such as "securities code", "issue code", "stock code" to achieve a code that is deemed equivalent to that prescribed in the specifications of the SICC is strictly prohibited.