Regulations concerning the Securities Code and the Sector

Regulations concerning the Securities Code

The following are the main securities codes specified by the SICC.

Code type Issue code, New securities code, ISIN code, Securities company, etc. standard code
Issue type Listed stock, publicly offered bonds and other listed securities
  • ・The SICC secretariat also assigns the ISIN code of paperless commercial paper, municipal bonds underwritten by banks, etc. (or privately placed municipal bonds), and investment trusts handled by the JASDEC.
    (The SICC secretariat also has authority on the securities code numbering of products other than issue types stated above.)

In addition to securities codes for individual issues, the SICC also determines various code systems.

Identification Codes by Securities Type

This code is set for each security type to complement the securities code.

Identification code by securities type icon-pdf

Numbering rule

Codes assigned to listed stock and publicly offered bonds, as well as futures and options are set based on a fixed coding system. Users of this website are strictly prohibited from setting codes for as yet unassigned issues based on the documents below, and using them in public without approval from the SICC secretariat.
For details, please refer to the documents below.

Guideline of Setting, Change, and Deletion of Stock and Bond Codes icon-pdf
New Securities Codes Specifications icon-pdf
Identification Code Specifications for Futures and Options Transactions
Identification Code Specifications for Security Options Transaction icon-pdf
  • ・On April 30, 2009, the Securities Identification Code Committee decided upon and publicized a basic plan for the future handling of the securities code regarding when the specific name codes run out.
    Following that, the committee solicited public comments regarding the specific handling of the incorporation of Roman alphabet characters, and decided upon a "specific setting method". Please refer to the following materials for details regarding this.
Determination of "Specific Setting Method" related to the Incorporation of Roman Alphabet Characters in the Securities Code icon-pdf