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MarginCustomer Margin

Customer Margin

  • A customer trading Futures and Options is required to open an account for Futures and Options Transactions with a securities company and deposit Margin by the next day after the trading is executed. The Margin deposited with the securities company is then deposited with JSCC as Clearing Margin via a securities company, etc. as a Clearing Participant.

※ Please note that securities companies may require clients to deposit a certain amount of Margin in advance of trade execution and most of securities companies do so.

  • Clearing Participants are permitted to substitute the Margin deposited by their customer with their own money or securities upon depositing Clearing Margin with JSCC (Substitution of deposit). In such a case, the Margin originally deposited by customer is treated as Customer Margin.


※ The required amount of Margin for customers is individually set by each securities company to the extent of at least equal to the minimum Margin requirement (including the Add-on Charge, if applicable) calculated by JSCC via SPAN® Please note that operational procedures for depositing Margin are also individually set by each securities company.

※ Margin Add-on is a framework set forth in the Rules on Margins, etc. for Futures and Option Contracts, under which additional Margin is called from a customer when the position held by the customer is extremely large in light of liquidity or position concentration.