Indicative NAV

ETF/ETN Current Price, indicative NAV, PCF

The current price, comparison to previous day, trading volume, PCF information, indicative NAV, and dividends for TSE ETFs and ETNs are available as below.

  • ・Dividends are the previous performance dividends (The most recent annual totals are displayed for issues with multiple dividends per year).
  • ・ETF/ETN current prices and indicative NAV are updated every 15 sec.
  • ・PCF information can be downloaded by clicking on an issue name. Please refer to the explanation sheet for details regarding the contents of the data.
  • ・For ETFs (Code:1357,1470-1472,1570-1573) only the PCF is disclosed while the indicative NAV is not disclosed.
  • ・For ETFs (Code:1562,1567-1574) only the indicative NAV is disclosed while the PCF is not disclosed.
  • ・For ETFs (Code:1357,1470-1472,1570-1571) ,the "Shares Outstanding" column on the CSV files for these ETFs indicates the number of Fund units, which does not reflect the additional creations/ partial redemptions of fund units that were accepted on the previous business day. However, futures positions taken to cover additional creations/ partial redemptions of fund units that were accepted on the previous business day are reflected. Taking this into consideration, the provision of the indicative NAVs is not disclosed because the indicative NAV, if calculated using the data on the PCF, could give misleading information.
  • ・For ETNs(Code:2031-2034,2040-2041,2043-2048), values are calculated using redemption value of underlying securities (trust asset of ETN) and real time index performance adjusted by currency exchange rates, real time spot rates by Interactive Data. This calculation method is different from that of ETF, which is based on PCF and real time prices of each constituent.
  • ・For ETNs(Code:2035-2039,2042,2049), the per security redemption value of the underlying securities that are the trust assets of the ETN will be calculated using the intraday prices of the assets that comprise the relevant indicator on which the ETN is based. This differs from the calculation method for ETFs, which uses market prices of the portfolio actually held by the fund.
  • ・ETF/ETN current prices are displayed with at least a 20min. delay.(Issues not Subject to Indicative NAV / PCF Publication)
List of ETFs/ETNs Subject to Indicative NAV / PCF Publication (ETF,ETF Database)
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