News Release

Jun. 30, 2020 OSE Publication of Report of the Working Group on Derivatives Holiday Trading


Osaka Exchange, Inc. (OSE) started discussions on the introduction of derivatives holiday trading with market participants from autumn 2019 in light of the fact that investor risk became an issue due to the lengthy market closure during the 10 consecutive holidays in April to May 2019. As a result of the discussions, it was confirmed that there is a certain demand for derivatives holiday trading and that such efforts are also significant toward strengthening the international competitiveness of Japan's capital markets. As such, in January 2020, OSE established a "Working Group on Derivatives Holiday Trading" consisting of market participants to discuss the implementation of derivatives holiday trading in further detail, and the working group has discussed the matter for about half a year.

The results of the discussions of the working group have been compiled and are published in the form of a report as follows.

Report of the Working Group on Derivatives Holiday Trading


Osaka Exchange, Inc.