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Jun. 3: Selected Use Cases for Verification in Pilot Test of DLT Information Sharing Platform in the Field of Securities Post-Trade

Use cases for verification were selected in the pilot test project of a DLT information sharing platform in the field of securities post-trade, jointly promoted by Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (JPX), Japan Securities Depository Center, Inc. (JASDEC) and NEC Corporation (NEC).
Among challenges as an industry concerning securities post-trade that were submitted by project participants, we have selected three use cases to be verified in this project - "Sharing fund/SSI/basic corporate information", "Resolution of non-compatibility of fund distribution networks", and "Sharing information on borrowing/lending fee/collateral interest and dividend equivalent in stock borrowing and lending transactions". We will continue to verify these three use cases.
The verification results of this project are scheduled to be announced in November 2020.

Jun. 17: 19th Annual General Shareholders Meeting

On June 17, JPX held its 19th Annual General Shareholders Meeting.
During the shareholders meeting, JPX reported the FY2019 business summary with future issues to be addressed and had a question-and-answer session with shareholders. The meeting concluded with approval of all resolutions.
JPX strives to engage in constructive dialogue with shareholders through the shareholders meeting and ensure a long-term relationship of trust.

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Jun. 30: Publication of Report of the Working Group on Derivatives Holiday Trading

In light of the fact that investor risk became an issue due to the lengthy market closure during the 10 consecutive holidays in 2019, OSE has been discussing with market participants about introducing derivatives holiday trading since autumn of 2019. As a result of the deliberations, OSE confirmed that there are derivatives trading needs during Japanese public holidays and acknowledged that it would be a significant step in helping strengthen the international competitiveness of Japanese capital markets. In January 2020, to realize trading on Japan's holidays by having detailed discussions, OSE established a "Working Group on Derivatives Holiday Trading" composed of market participants and has been reviewing issues for around half a year.
On June 30, OSE published the report outlining results of discussions from the Working Group on the following link.

JPX Kitahama Festa 2020 -Online- (June - August)

OSE is hosting "JPX Kitahama Festa 2020 -Online-", which marks the sixth installment of this annual event. Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, this is the first time to hold the event online taking a non-contact method to avoid drawing crowds and face-to-face contact. The annual make a wish in "Wishes of Tanabata" can be made and will be accepted through JPX's website this year. The wishes will be written on tanzaku (strips of fancy, oblong paper) and hung on bamboo branches. After the Tanabata event ends, the tanzaku will be ceremoniously burnt at Hatamono Shrine located in Katano city, Osaka prefecture. The "Wishes of Tanabata" can be viewed on JPX official social media. Along with launching of the comprehensive exchange in July, JPX is planning to hold webinars focused on derivatives, as well as an online panel exhibition looking back at the history of Japanese precious metals.