JPX Monthly Headlines

JPX group companies undertake various initiatives and disseminate information with the aim of providing the most attractive markets to all users.
Every month, we showcase the highlights of these efforts in short and concise summaries just for you.


Sep. 29: Launch of CME Group Petroleum Index Futures

OSE has decided to prepare for launching of CME Group Petroleum Index Futures on the go-live date of J-GATE3.0 scheduled in the third quarter of FY2021 and has invited public comment.
The CME Group Petroleum Index is an index calculated and published by the CME Group and is comprised of three products listed on the CME market: NYMEX WTI Crude Oil futures, NYMEX NY Harbor RBOB Gasoline futures, and NYMEX NY Harbor ULSD futures.
We expect that the CME Group Petroleum Index Futures will enable private investors to globally diversify their investments in Japanese yen and to provide WTI-linked ETF investors with opportunities to hedge their position.
* The launch is subject to the necessary approvals, etc. of relevant authorities.

Oct. 26: JPX Report 2020

JPX has published the JPX Report 2020 to allow varied stakeholders to learn more about the corporate value of the JPX group.
The report provides not only financial information but also comprehensive, non-financial information such as our corporate philosophy, corporate social role, and our initiatives toward value creation.
We hope this report helps people deepen their understanding of JPX.
We would also like to ask for your cooperation in filling out a brief survey on our website for further improvements.

Oct. 28: Consolidated Financial Results for Q2 FY2020

JPX released its consolidated earnings report for Q2 FY2020.
Operating revenue was up JPY 5.8 billion (+10.2%) year on year to JPY 63.8 billion due mainly to an increase in revenues from cash equities trading value.
Operating expenses were up JPY 2.8 billion (+10.4%) year on year to JPY 30.3 billion due mainly to an increase in system-related costs as well as the impact from reflecting expenses posted by TOCOM, which became a subsidiary of JPX in October 2019, in consolidated financial results.
As a result, operating income increased by JPY 3.3 billion (+10.4%) to JPY 35.1 billion with quarterly income (attributable to owners of the parent company) up JPY 2.2 billion (+10.3%) year on year to JPY 23.7 billion.

Equity Trading System Failure on October 1

TSE deeply apologizes for the inconvenience caused to many investors and other market users due to the arrowhead cash equity trading system failure on October 1, 2020.
TSE has identified the direct cause of the failure and has implemented measures to address the issues in the system by October 5. As well, a report was published on October 19 about the cause of the failure and measures to put in place to prevent a recurrence.
JPX has established a "System Failure Investigation Committee" comprised of independent outside directors to increase the effectiveness of various measures put in place to prevent similar incidents.
In addition, with the aim of considering how TSE should develop its responses to system failures and its rules and regulations to prevent recurrences of similar incidents, TSE has established a "Council for Recurrence Prevention Measures" comprised of market users, and has held its first meeting.