JPX Monthly Headlines

JPX group companies undertake various initiatives and disseminate information with the aim of providing the most attractive markets to all users.
Every month, we showcase the highlights of these efforts in short and concise summaries just for you.


Jan. 4: First Trading Day of 2024

On January 4, 2024, Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (JPX) held its ceremonies for the first trading day of the year at its Tokyo and Osaka venues.
A minute of silence was observed to express condolences for those who lost their lives in the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake and the tragic collision at Haneda Airport. At the Tokyo venue, we welcomed Minister of State for Financial Services Suzuki Shunichi, who delivered a speech. A traditional Japanese clapping ceremony was held at the Tokyo venue, and a grand share-closing ceremony was held at the Osaka venue, both to pray for the further advancement of the securities market.
You can watch videos of the first trading day of 2024 at both venues on the JPX official YouTube channel.
(Photo: Tokyo venue)

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Jan. 15: Publication of a List of Companies That Have Disclosed Information Regarding "Action to Implement Management That is Conscious of Cost of Capital and Stock Price"

In March 2023, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) requested that all companies listed on the Prime and Standard markets take "Action to Implement Management That is Conscious of Cost of Capital and Stock Price."
In consideration of the high interest shown by domestic and foreign shareholders and investors in companies’ response to the request, TSE has begun publishing a list of companies that have disclosed information in accordance with the request to inform investors of who is taking action, thereby encouraging companies to make a proactive effort.
The list will be updated based on the status as of the end of each month by around the 15th of the following month (updated monthly).

Jan. 24: Results of the English Disclosure Implementation Status Survey as of the End of December 2023

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) has published the results of the English Disclosure Implementation Status Survey as of the end of December 2023.
The percentage of English disclosure by Prime-listed companies, which are expected to center their business on constructive dialogue with global investors, reached 98.2% based on number of companies (up 1.1 percentage points from the end of the previous year).
By type of document, 91.7% of Prime-listed companies disclosed earnings reports in English (up 2.9 percentage points), and 90.9% of them disclosed notices of general shareholders’ meetings (notices and reference documents) in English (up 3.5 percentage points). Both figures exceeded 90% for the first time since the survey began in 2019, which indicates that listed companies are taking positive action toward English disclosure.
For more details, please view the following web pages.

Jan. 24: Future Policies and Status of Proof-of-Concept Testing for HTML Disclosure of Earnings Reports (Kessan Tanshin)

JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc.(JPXI)announced the status of Proof-of-Concept (POC) testing for HTML disclosure of earnings reports promoted by JPXI as of the end of November 2023 and future policies for PoC testing in light of the revision of the quarterly disclosure system.
Based on the considerations of the "Council of Experts Concerning the Revision of the Quarterly Disclosure System," Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. announced that XBRL and HTML submission will be mandatory for listed companies regarding the data format for the distribution of earnings reports. Accordingly, PoC testing will end with the transition to the new system in July 2024.
JPXI appreciates your consideration of using HTML files of earnings reports in preparation for the transition to the new system.

Jan. 24: Listing of the First ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) on the JPX Prime 150 Index

iFreeETF JPX Prime 150 (Securities code: 2017), the first ETF on the TSE market linked to the JPX Prime 150 Total Return Index, was listed on Wednesday, January 24, by Daiwa Asset Management Co. Ltd.
A listing ceremony was held at the TSE Open Platform on the same day to celebrate the listing. The ceremony, which was covered by the media, was attended by company President Komatsu Mikita and Marsh Aya, a celebrity who has been appointed as an ambassador for asset building. The ETF's net assets rapidly expanded to approximately JPY 10 billion (as of January 26) in just three days since its listing, indicating a high level of interest from investors.
JPX Group will continue its efforts to make the JPX Prime 150 Index an important investment option for Japanese equities for both domestic and global investors.

Jan. 29: Financial Results for Q3 FY2023

Japan Exchange Group, Inc. has published its consolidated earnings report for Q3 FY2023.
Operating revenue increased by JPY 11.1 billion (+11.1%) year-on-year to JPY 111.6 billion, mainly due to a year-on-year increase in cash equity trading value that resulted in an increase in revenue related to trading and clearing services linked to market conditions.
Operating expenses increased by JPY 1.2 billion (+2.5%) year-on-year to JPY 51.4 billion, mainly due to an increase in maintenance and operation costs associated with systems.
Furthermore, as a result of profits posted on the sale of owned assets, operating income increased by JPY 14.2 billion (+27.6%) year-on-year to JPY 66.0 billion, and net income (attributable to owners of the parent company) increased by JPY 11.4 billion (+32.5%) year-on-year to JPY 46.5 billion.