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With the rapid developments of the Internet and IT, protection of personal information is becoming increasingly important. Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (JPX), Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE), Osaka Exchange, Inc. (OSE), Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc. (TOCOM), JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc. (JPXI), Japan Exchange Regulation (JPX-R), and Japan Securities Clearing Corporation (JSCC) (hereinafter collectively referred to as "JPX Group") believe it is our social responsibility to protect personal information collected over the course of business activities. This page will introduce JPX Group's privacy policy, primary objectives of the use of personal information, and ways to inquire about JPX Group's handling of personal information.

Privacy Policy and Personal Information Handling Business Operator

Information regarding JPX Group's privacy policy is available from the following link.

Privacy Policy

Main Personal Information Collected by JPX Group

JPX Group may ask for personal information (information by which a user could be identified, including any one or more of the following: name, age, birth date, telephone number, email address, postal address, and/or place of work) for the objectives of enabling use of services provided by JPX Group and suitably and reliably implementing JPX Group operations.
"JPX Group operations" for these objectives include the following:

  • Operations related to the provision of exchange market infrastructure and publication of market quotations
  • Operations related to fair price formation, ensuring smooth distribution of securities and derivatives products on the exchange markets, and investor protection (hereinafter "self-regulatory operations"*).
  • "Self-regulatory operations" include, but are not limited to, the self-regulation related services prescribed in Article 84, Paragraph 2 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and Article 5-2, Paragraph 2 of the Commodity Derivatives Transaction Act.
  • Operations related to assuming financial instrument obligations and commodity transaction obligations as a clearing organization under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and Commodity Derivatives Transaction Act (hereinafter "clearing operations").

Operations related to data and index services and system-related services connected to the financial instruments markets.

Details of JPX Group operations are available on the following page:

Our Business

Other Instances Where Personal Information Is Required

(The objectives of use of personal information are indicated in parenthesis.)

  • Subscription to email newsletters distributed by JPX Group (for delivery of email newsletters)
  • Answers to JPX Group surveys (for analysis of results to provide better services)
  • Application for/participation in contests, promotions, or other events (for sending information about the event, notices regarding future events, etc.)
  • Orders for published materials, digital contents, or other services provided by JPX Group (for delivery of ordered materials)
  • Application to participate in seminars, training, etc. (for sending of information about the event, notices regarding future events, etc.)
  • Contact from JPX Group to unlisted companies for solicitation of and consultation about new listings, etc. (for promotion activity for new listings on the stock market)
  • Sending public comments, etc. to JPX Group (for replying to public comments, etc.)
  • Application for entrance/usage of JPX Group facilities (for managing the safety of JPX Group/users)
  • Security camera footage and voice information in call logs (for security and accurate business operation)
  • Collection of information relating to browsing this website, e.g., Internet domain names, IP addresses, and query information from the search tool inside the website (for smooth operation of the services provided by this website)
  • Application for system-related services (for billing usage fees)
  • Records of inquiries received from customers (for improving customer service quality and confirmation of details)

In addition to the above objectives, personal information provided to JPX Group may be used to provide information such as on seminars and events.
Please note that if a user does not provide relevant personal information to JPX Group, the user may lose access to members-only services or experience other difficulties.

Collecting Information on Specific Individuals and its Objectives

JPX Group may ask for information on specific individuals, such as Individual Numbers in accordance with the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures.
Information on specific individuals will be collected mainly for the following operations.

  • Operations in which JPX Group pays money such as renumeration, fees, contract money, and prize money

Method of Collecting Personal Information

Personal information may be collected, such as through the following means, as required to fulfill the objectives indicated in "Main Personal Information Collected by JPX Group".

  • Direct filling out and submission of paper forms, such as by users of surveys and participation applications for seminars/training conducted by JPX Group
  • Direct input of data into online forms, such as to subscribe, etc. to email newsletters distributed by JPX Group

Collecting Personal Information from Outside Japan

JPX Group also conducts business activities outside Japan. Personal information collected in the course of business activities outside Japan may be transferred to Japan, in order to process and store such information in Japan. In such cases, JPX Group takes necessary measures to protect personal information as required by applicable laws and regulations.

Collecting Personal Information from Third Parties

Personal information collected by JPX Group includes, in addition to those directly provided by users, information regarding the use of services by users, and information collected from third parties, as well as publicly available information. In such cases, JPX Group will collect information on users only as needed and as permitted by applicable laws and regulations.

Furthermore, regarding the use of personal information for sending direct mail, etc., JPX Group will cease use of personal information for such objective without delay upon the user's request.

Shared Use of Personal Information

JPX Group may share the personal information collected within the scope of the objectives it was collected for in order to jointly manage and run operations.

Personal Information Items which may be Shared and Objectives of Use

The items and objectives of use are indicated in "Main Personal Information Collected by JPX Group".

Scope of Shared-Use Entities

Entities with which personal information may be shared are JPX, TSE, OSE, TOCOM, JPXI, JPX-R, and JSCC.

Entity Responsible for Managing Shared Personal Information

JPX will manage the handling of personal information within JPX Group. Please refer to the Privacy Policy linked to above for the address and representative of JPX Group.

Entrustment of Personal Information Handling

JPX Group entrusts handling of personal information in whole or in part to an outside party in such cases as stated below, where it is necessary to fulfill the objectives stated in "Main Personal Information Collected by JPX Group".

  • Operations related to sending documents to the user, such as invitations and printed materials
  • Operations related to information systems operations and maintenance

Personal Information Storage

JPX Group may store collected personal information for the period necessary to fulfill the objectives of its use. Also, JPX Group may store personal information for a period necessary for compliance with laws and regulations for JPX Group's business, dispute resolution, and related investigations.

Contact for Questions, Disclosure, etc. regarding Personal Information Collected by JPX Group

Questions or complaints regarding the personal information handled by JPX Group, and requests for notifications on objective, disclosure, correction, or cessation of use (hereinafter "disclosure requests, etc.") received will be sincerely dealt with as quickly as possible.
JPX Group provides contact details for questions or complaints regarding personal information when collecting such information. Please direct related questions, complaints or disclosure requests etc. to the contact provided.

Questions or Complaints

Please use the form below for questions and/or inquiries regarding personal information handled by JPX Group, questions regarding JPX Group's privacy policy and questions regarding general safety control measures related to protection of personal information by JPX Group.

Inquiries and Questions

Requests for Notification on Objective, Disclosure, etc.

Please mail to the address below using the forms below or use the Inquiries and Questions form. However, in order to prevent leaking of personal information to third parties, JPX Group will only respond if it is able to confirm that the applicant has made a request regarding his/her own personal information.
Furthermore, please be aware that no responses can be given to requests for notifications on objective, disclosure, etc. for personal information related to self-regulatory operations pursuant to the provisions of Article 18, Paragraph 4 and Article 28 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of 2003). (In cases where such a request is received, the reason why a response is not possible will be sent in writing.)

Application for Disclosure of Personal Information, Notification on Objective(88KB) icon-pdf
Request_to_Correct_or_Delete_Personal_Information(88KB) icon-pdf
Request_to_Cease_Use_of_Personal_Information(86KB) icon-pdf

Other Notes

  • JPX Group assumes no responsibility or liability for the security of personal information on other websites linked to on the JPX website.
  • JPX Group takes utmost care in the protection of information of minors. The information of minors should only be provided with the consent of a parent or guardian.
  • Questions regarding the contents of this page may be submitted via the "Contact us" page. Personal information of users who submit inquiries is protected via SSL encryption. Please note that firewall or other settings in your company network may prevent you from accessing the page or form.
  • If you have a complaint regarding the handling of personal information by JPX Group, the supervisory authority with which to lodge a complaint is the Personal Information Protection Commission (PPC) of Japan. The PPC has an inquiry hotline for the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. For information about the inquiry hotline for the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, please visit the PPC website.

(Reference) Cookies

Cookies are small amounts of data sent to user browsers from web servers for efficient operations on the Internet. JPX Group may utilize cookies to customize the website and improve contents and services in accordance with the needs of each user.
The user can deny the use of cookies or set the browser to issue warnings upon receipt of a cookie. However, such settings may result in restrictions, such as a loss of personalization functions.


Contact for this Page / Mailing Address for Disclosure Requests, etc.

Japan Exchange Group, Inc.
Personal Information Protection Desk (IT Planning Dept.)
Address: 2-1 Nihombashi Kabutocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8224, Japan
Phone: +81-3-3666-1361

  • Inquiries regarding personal information collected by TSE, OSE, TOCOM, JPXI, JPX-R or JSCC should be directed to the contact above.

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