In order to achieve the mission set out in its Corporate Philosophy, JPX has created the below policies regarding sustainability issues.

Corporate Philosophy

We shall contribute to the realization of an affluent society by promoting sustainable development of the market by ensuring reliability and public visibility, laying the foundation of a market which is highly convenient, efficient, and transparent, and providing creative and attractive services. We believe that these efforts bring rewards in the form of profits resulting from the increased support and confidence of investors and other market users.

Corporate Philosophy

Charter of Corporate Behavior

JPX has a Charter of Corporate Behavior in place as a set of standards for ethics and morals, which clearly states the expected corporate behavior. We consider that each of these behaviors has an important impact on JPX’s sustainability.

Charter of Corporate Behavior

On the topic of bribery and corruption*, JPX sets out more specific conduct guidelines and policies in its internal rules (Codes of Conduct) and the Compliance Handbook, which is distributed to all officers and employees (including non-regular employees such as those on agency contracts and secondees).

  • "Bribery and corruption" at JPX includes "Fair and Legal Trading," "Distinction between Official/Private Matters and Prohibition of Preferential Treatment, etc.," "Prevention of Insider Trading," "Compliance with Laws and Regulations," "Sound Relations with Political and Government Entities," and "Firm Response to Anti-Social Forces" as set out in the Charter of Corporate Behavior.
Conduct Guidelines and Specific Examples in Reference to the Charter of Corporate Behavior (Excerpts related to Bribery and Corruption) icon-pdf

In order to promote compliance, JPX has put in place a Compliance Program, whose three main pillars are the Charter of Corporate Behavior, development of internal structures such as the Compliance Hotline, and education and training.

For more information on the Compliance Program, including the Compliance Hotline, please see the below page.

Compliance Program

Human Rights Policy

JPX has created a Human Rights Policy which applies to all JPX Group officers and employees. In addition, JPX expects all business partners to support and respect the Policy and will work with them on human rights issues.

JPX Group Human Rights Policy icon-pdf
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In addition to those set out in the Compliance Program and Human Rights Policy, further information on JPX’s policies and actions against discrimination and harassment can be found on the below page.

Toward the Success of All Employees (Diversity, Employee Advancement, and Work Style Reforms)

Modern Slavery Statement

JPX Group publishes and annually updates its Modern Slavery Statement to comply with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. Please see the latest statement below.

JPX Group Modern Slavery Statement (FY2022) icon-pdf

Tax Policy

As a practical representation of the Code of Corporate Conduct, JPX stipulates a tax policy which sets out its approach to compliance with tax-related laws, regulations, and other rules and fulfilment of its social responsibilities.

Tax Policy

Environmental Vision and Policy

JPX has also created an Environmental Vision and Environmental Policy. Please see the below page for details.

Environmental Information (TCFD Disclosure)