Contributing to Society

JPX engages in a variety of educational activities while considering the most effective approach to take for a broad range of age groups, from elementary school students to adults, and for people who have investment experience and those who do not. We believe these activities lay the foundations for supporting the future of businesses and society, by showing the attractiveness of investing to retail investors and improving financial literacy to accommodate an aging society.

We have primarily held these activities online since FY2020 as a means of preventing the spread of Covid-19. Specifically, we have streamed live seminars, released archives of past videos on the Official JPX Group Channel on YouTube, and conducted remote lectures using teleconferencing systems.

For Children and Students

Outreach to Schools (Elementary through High School)

Although our daily lives are closely related to the economy and stock companies, there are very few opportunities to learn about these topics in school. To address this situation, JPX sends staff to schools to speak during politics & economics or civics classes. They give lectures on how stock companies work and mix in some roleplay and skits to help students familiarize with financial and economic concepts.

During FY2020, JPX held 43 online classes for approximately 2,844 participants.

Economics Lectures for Parents and Children (Elementary and Junior High School Students)

JPX holds many events in a typical year, mostly during summer vacation, for elementary and junior high school students and their families to familiarize them with financial and economic concepts. In a typical year, OSE holds a program called "Learning with Children - Finance and Stocks Summer School," for elementary school students in collaboration with the Osaka prefectural government’s finance and public relations committee, Japan Securities Dealers Association, and other organizations. The students learn about finance and stocks as they visit key financial and economic facilities in Osaka.

In FY2020, in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, this event was canceled, and educational videos were streamed to parents and children instead.

Economics Lectures for School Teachers

JPX provides seminars for junior high and high school teachers mainly during summer vacation, aiming at equipping teachers with economic knowledge and concepts that will aid them in their teaching. In FY2020, JPX held the Winter Vacation Economics Seminar for Teachers and the Spring Economics Course for Teachers in an online format for around 280 teachers in total. JPX also sends staff to speak at training and study sessions for teachers.

JPX Entrepreneur Experience Program (Junior High and High Schools)

The JPX Entrepreneur Experience Program aims to give students the experience of setting up and running a pseudo stock company that operates a bazaar stall. This program allows participants to learn and gain the ability to think on their own and, thereby, contributes to the development of more well-rounded individuals. Carried out in collaboration with schools and regional communities as part of JPX’s activities to support financial literacy, in FY2020, the program was held primarily online in four locations across Japan and drew about 146 participants.

Lectures for University Students

Based on the requests of universities nationwide, JPX holds online courses intended to substantially deepen the understanding of finance, economics, securities markets and derivatives markets among those university students who will soon be shouldering responsibility for the Japanese economy. We also introduced the facilities at TSE (TSE Arrows) and OSE via online lectures so that students could attend while becoming familiar with these exchanges. In FY2020, 80 lectures were held as part of this program, attracting around 8,300 attendees in total.

To help nurture the next generation of leaders, JPX holds sponsored courses and joint courses at a number of universities. The courses cover the latest developments in law, economics, management and accounting related to the securities market, along with the roles expected of listed companies.

Outreach to schools

Outreach to schools

Lectures for university students

Lectures for university students

For Working Adults

JPX Academy

JPX provides opportunities for all ages who aspire to learn about finance, economics and asset building, and is working to enhance them.

JPX Academy offers information from a neutral position on various subjects relevant to asset building and management, including financial products ranging from equities such as stocks and ETFs to derivatives, as well as macroeconomic trends and the latest economic theories. As well as working to further widen the range of people who invest by holding seminars from a variety of different perspectives, such as those aimed specifically at young people, women, or other groups, we also provide opportunities to convey the attractiveness of investing to those who have not previously had an interest in economics and investment through a variety of efforts, including producing a radio program in cooperation with RADIO NIKKEI that combines investing concepts with a variety of other topics. During FY2020, we conducted online seminars that were attended by around 300,000 individuals over 64 sessions.

Joint Projects with Securities-related Groups and Organizations

JPX collaborates with groups and organizations in the securities industry to jointly offer ongoing programs to disseminate information and forge a deeper understanding of securities over the long term. Activities include providing schools with educational materials for financial education and holding lectures and seminars for adults.

Sending Speakers to Listed Companies

To provide employees of listed companies and other organizations with opportunities to learn more about securities markets and asset building in training and study sessions, we began a service to send JPX staff well-versed in finance and capital markets as speakers to listed companies. The sessions aim to help attendees build assets in a way best suited to their needs by enhancing their financial literacy and increasing their interest in asset management. Therefore, the lecture contents are flexibly customized to meet individual needs and include topics such as how to use your money to realize your life plan and pointers for using defined contribution pension plans, such as DC/iDeCo, and NISA.

In FY2020, this service was used mainly as part of online in-house training and new employee training. The sessions were held for approximately 30 companies and organizations and were attended by more than 1,400 individuals.

For All Generations

Special Website: TSE’s Money Club

TSE’s Money Club (TSE Money-bu) is a website where we publish information daily to promote asset building by retail investors (currently available only in Japanese). The purpose of this website is to help as many people as possible on their way to growing their assets by providing information about the importance of asset building through long-term, diversified investment. The website presents stories about the role of money in familiar situations, using language that is easy to comprehend even for inexperienced investors. The website is designed to be accessible to varied age groups: for example, it includes explanatory videos, infographics which explain things in an easy-to-understand visual form, and articles about post-retirement finance in preparation for a 100-year life. We also consciously try to deliver information to those who have little to no interest in investing, by reaching out through social networking sites and popular news apps. In FY2020, we published more than 460 articles, the highest number in the website’s history.

Special Tool: The "What-if" Investment Returns Calculator

JPX launched a "What-if" investment returns calculator to encourage individuals to think about long-term asset building in an attempt to ease any fears they may have about investing while showing them the outcome of building assets by investing in stocks through a fun and easy game. After entering a certain year to start investing, the user can pick different companies to invest in to better understand how time and asset diversifications affect investment returns.

Visits to JPX Facilities

To give everyone a better first-hand understanding of securities exchanges, JPX opens its facilities to groups and individuals from elementary schools through to university and the general public. In a typical year, we welcome more than 50,000 visitors.

Recording a program on economics at RADIO NIKKEI

Recording a program on economics at RADIO NIKKEI

Visiting JPX

Visiting JPX