Toward the Success of All Employees

Towards the Success of All Employees

Respect for Human Rights

JPX Group considers human resources to be one of the most important resources needed to sustainably enhance corporate value. To realize both the full potential of our diverse human resources and our corporate philosophy, respect for human rights is essential. In recognition of this, we have formulated and announced our Human Rights Policy, which applies to all officers and employees of JPX Group, as well as to all persons involved in our corporate activities. We are committed to respecting the human rights of all people and to preventing and mitigating negative impacts on human rights related to our business.

See below for more information on JPX Group’s Human Rights Policy:

JPX Group Human Rights Policy icon-pdf

In addition, the Group’s Charter of Corporate Behavior provides “respect for human rights and prohibition of discrimination as part of its basic policy, under which JPX Group creates an environment for individual employees with various backgrounds to demonstrate their full caliber. Specifically, our employment regulations clearly state that sexual harassment, power harassment, maternity harassment (including paternity) and other forms of harassment are prohibited, and we ensure that all employees are aware of the prohibition of discrimination, including harassment, in annual rank-based training and e-learning programs for all employees. In addition, a consultation desk has been set up in the Human Resources Department, where employees can consult anonymously if they are worried about harassment or if they have seen or heard about harassment. In addition, we have established an environment that facilitates consultation and reporting of harassment, and by identifying and resolving problems at an early stage, we are striving to ensure a rewarding workplace environment that is free from sexist language and harassment.

See below for JPX’s Charter of Corporate Behavior:

Charter of Corporate Behavior

Respect for Human Rights and Prohibition of Discrimination

We will give due regard to individual human rights and safety in the workplace, and work to ensure that employees can fulfill their potential in a pleasant and rewarding workplace free from discrimination and harassment.

Code of Conduct

JPX Group has established a Code of Conduct for its officers and all employees. This is because each member of JPX Group is committed to ensuring the fairness and transparency of the market, maintaining and enhancing market credibility, and because a high level of legal compliance and ethical standards are required in their actions.

In addition to compliance with laws, regulations, and internal rules and regulations, our basic judgment regarding conduct is based on whether our actions are appropriate in terms of socially accepted norms, whether the support and trust of investors and other market users is betrayed, and whether an employee takes advantage of their position as an employee to gain an unfair advantage or allow a third party to gain an unfair advantage. The JPX Group Code of Conduct requires us to strictly refrain from any conduct that may lead to suspicion or the misunderstanding that we are taking advantage of our position to gain an unfair advantage or allowing a third party to gain an unfair advantage. The JPX Group Code of Conduct is based on this approach and sets forth specific guidelines for conduct, which are thoroughly understood by all officers and employees through training programs held each fiscal year.

Approach to Personnel Development

Corporate Philosophy

“The Group shall contribute to the realization of an affluent society by promoting sustainable development of the market by ensuring reliability and public visibility, laying the foundation of a market which is highly convenient, efficient, and transparent, and providing creative and attractive services. These efforts bring rewards in the form of profits resulting from the increased support and confidence of investors and other market users.”

Under this corporate philosophy, the Group’s primary mission is to contribute to the realization of an affluent society by constructing a highly reliable market foundation and providing attractive services, and the Group believes that responding to the market’s needs will also have the effect of maximizing profits. This propensity for creating public benefits and contributing to society is one of the hallmarks of the Group’s business and is also one of the sources of its competitiveness in hiring and employee engagement. The Group also takes steps to ensure that its hiring activities resonate with this corporate philosophy.

Additionally, under this corporate philosophy, the Group set out a long-term vision called Target 2030 to be achieved by 2030: to “contribute to sustainable societal and economic development by evolving into a global, comprehensive finance and information
platform which provides solutions for a wide range of societal issues, centered on the ability to raise and circulate capital.” The Medium-Term Management Plan 2024, which is the first stage in achieving this long-term vision, includes the slogan “Exchange & beyond,” in which the Group aims to strengthen its functionality as a traditional exchange—namely to provide stable market operations—while also advancing into new fields without being overly bound by this framework. In order to achieve its long-term vision, the Group’s basic approach to personnel development is to hire and develop not only people who will underpin the further stabilization and sophistication of traditional exchange operations, but also those who will pioneer into new sectors and fields, as well as creating an environment in which all employees can demonstrate their abilities.

Employment Policy

JPX Group carries out hiring of human resources based on a fair and objective judgement of each applicant’s aptitude, skills, and motivation regardless of gender, nationality, or age. For new graduates, we recruit applicants year-round including for those already graduated (in addition to the traditional practice of hiring students a year before graduation on a fixed timeline). We also employ people mid-career, mainly those with experience or expertise in specialist fields such as law, accounting, finance, or IT. We recognize the importance of hiring diverse human resources in order to achieve sustainable growth in corporate value, and we intend to actively recruit human resources with diverse perspectives, sensibilities, abilities, and experience.

Hiring and Developing People to Underpin the Further Stabilization and Sophistication of Traditional Exchange Operations

As put forth in the corporate philosophy, the Group’s core mission is to construct a highly reliable market foundation and provide attractive services, and stable market operations form the roots of this mission. Accordingly, to further stabilize traditional exchange operations, the Group proactively hires people who share its responsibility to the public and are capable of earnestly carrying out the work necessary for stable market operations with a strong sense of duty and responsibility, people who demonstrate advanced communication skills and see themselves as connectors between the Group and its diverse stakeholders, and people who aim for higher levels because they are not satisfied with the status quo.

Innovation is also necessary to ensure stable market operations in this time of advancing digital technology and diversifying market needs. Given this background and the need for more diverse work styles, namely the desire to build a career on the strength of advanced expertise in specific fields, the Group has begun hiring people on its new digital solutions track (as opposed to the general non-specialized career track) in which they will specialize in the digital networks field, particularly developing and operating core systems and information systems.

Hiring and Developing People Who Will Pioneer into New Sectors and Fields

In order to contribute to improving the attractiveness of Japanese capital and financial markets as a whole from the perspective of global competitiveness, JPX Group must innovate: proactively pioneer beyond the bounds of the exchange status quo. At the core of the push to explore what this next-generation exchange should look like, and realize this vision, are individual employees who independently identify issues and take proactive steps to solve them. In addition to the qualities outlined in the previous section, the Group also prizes people who have the strength and toughness to explore new areas and lead it into new fields.

To make inroads into new sectors and fields, the Group needs people who are well versed in both business and digital technology and can use their knowledge and experience in those areas to bring change to its businesses, and people who will promote automation of operations, process reform, and other advances to better allocate human resources to the tasks of discovering new sectors and fields. With the new digital solutions track, the Group will add more people who want to build their careers in the IT divisions, mainly development and operation of core systems and information systems, thereby invigorating job rotations in operational and IT departments and enhancing the development of staff who can bring change through expertise in both business and digital technology. The Group intends for this to also lead to the hiring and development of personnel with the advanced expertise needed to respond to rapidly developing technology.

In addition, we are actively recruiting human resources with experience working overseas and other qualities that will enable them to lead our global business

See below for more information on recruitment:

Recruiting information for new graduates (Japanese only)icon-block
Recruiting information for mid-career candidates (Japanese only)icon-block
JPX mid-career recruitment homepage (Japanese only)icon-block

Personnel Development


Regarding the Group’s policy for personnel development after hiring (career development), for the following reasons, it believes personnel development through job rotation (the system of periodically reassigning employees to new departments and roles) is crucial for strengthening the functionality of the entire Group, including exchange operations.

  • Discovering individual aptitudes within the distinctive operations of an exchange
  • Acquiring skills to gain a broader perspective of the entire value chain, from listing to trading, clearing, and settlement
  • Acquiring the ability to adapt to circumstances in order to sustain operations when unexpected events occur

By rotating employees in the first halves of their careers (from younger employees to pre-management) across departments in order to discover their aptitude and then rotating them according to their specialties thereafter, the Group provides a variety of opportunities to gain operational experience with the aim of enhancing its employees’skills, discovering their aptitude, and developing people with broad perspectives and multiple areas of specialty and strength.

Career Development (1)

In order to bring the best out of each and every employee, JPX Group has created a working environment where employees can actively gain expertise, access the latest information, and pursue free and creative thinking from a broad perspective. Specifically, through the provision of OJT, various training programs, and various work experience opportunities, we aim to develop employees’ talents and discover new areas of aptitude, thereby nurturing the kinds of human resources able to appropriately operate the market.
Regarding skill development, the Group provides skills development programs to support the well-balanced acquisition of the techniques, knowledge, and other skills needed for its operations based on three pillars: (1) business experience, namely opportunities to develop skills through operational experience, (2) knowledge sharing, namely opportunities to learn from supervisors and superiors as they provide guidance and share their experiences, and (3) training, namely opportunities to learn through training and other types of education.

Career Development (2)

Opportunities for Skills Development Through Work Experience

  1. Dispatch and secondment of trainees to external organizations
    Every fiscal year, we dispatch employees to domestic and foreign educational and professional institutions, regardless of their year of service or gender. The dispatch program allows employees to choose their own destinations of interest through an internal recruitment system, and provides all employees with opportunities to gain diverse experience and knowledge outside the company.
  2. Specific transfer request and internal recruitment systems
    Since it is important for employee engagement that each is able to carve out to their desired career paths, we have implemented a self-reporting system that allows employees to directly report their transfer requests to the Human Resources Department each fiscal year. In addition, we continuously ascertain employees' career aspirations through the internal recruitment and FA systems, and conduct job rotations in accordance with their aspirations and aptitudes.

Opportunities to learn from the guidance of supervisors and other senior staff

To support the growth of each and every employee, the Group deploys an evaluation process in which employees set their own goals, reflect on the results of their work and how they responded to issues, and receive feedback to encourage additional improvement and growth, which uses regularly scheduled one-on-one interviews to allow guidance to be given between supervisors and subordinates. Furthermore, to allow sharing of knowledge and experience within the Group, and with the belief that the cross-departmental relationships built through this will strengthen it as an organization, the Group has established a framework known as the JPX College under which it undertakes various efforts, including career support training, a mentor program, employee-led training on specific topics, counseling communities, and more.

Opportunities to learn through training and other education

The Group offers level-based training in which employees learn different things depending on where they are in their careers, various internal and external training programs, support for obtaining certifications and qualifications, and more. Additionally, under the “career design support” program, the Group provides an annual subsidy of up to JPY 300,000 per employee to cover the cost of education or training courses to acquire techniques, knowledge, or other skills needed for its operations. In FY2022, a total of 227 employees took advantage of this subsidy. By increasing the number of users of this support program, the Group will further develop an environment in which employees can take the initiative to absorb specialized knowledge and the latest information to acquire a broader perspective and the ability to think more openly.
In addition, in order for the Group to evolve into a comprehensive global financial and information platform, we will be more proactive than ever in increasing the number of employees with overseas experience and developing human resources who can lead our global business by providing them with experience stationed at overseas representative offices (New York, London, Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong), studying at overseas graduate schools (MBA, law school, etc.) and sending them to overseas professional organizations

Evaluation System

JPX group conducts annual performance evaluations with the aim of utilizing the evaluation process to develop each employee’s talents and discover new areas of aptitude. The performance evaluation looks for “outcomes” that contribute to improving the functionality and reliability of the markets operated by JPX as well as the competitiveness of the organization and evaluates these as each employee’s achievements. Specifically, each employee sets their own goals every fiscal year based on the mission set out by their department or office such as policies and business plans, considers what actions are necessary to achieve those goals, and creates a plan towards this. The employee and their supervisor then periodically discuss this plan to share opinions on the employee’s strengths and actions to address issues, before confirming the final achievements and what actions were taken to achieve them.

The employee and their supervisor meet regularly to discuss the plan. Both parties confirm the results of the current period and actions taken in response to those results, while discussing the employee’s strengths and actions to address issues. This process is designed to encourage the growth of each employee by allowing them to set their own goals, review the results of their efforts and tasks through interviews, and link them to further improvement and growth. The final results are based on objective facts and are communicated directly from the supervisor to the employee after a review conducted by all company evaluators, thereby enhancing the fairness and transparency of the evaluations.
In addition, to make "Exchange & Beyond" a reality, we must have the skills as an organization to look at the evolution of technology and the accompanying changes in market needs, detect unforeseen issues, and quickly devise and implement solutions to these issues. Therefore, we will promote the development of human resources who can pioneer new sectors and fields by incorporating such elements into the evaluation process.

Promoting Diversity

To ensure that diverse human resources can contribute to JPX regardless of gender, nationality, age, or other characteristics, we have set up a "Diversity Promotion Group" inside the HR Department to lead various diversity initiatives. We have programs for employees also responsible for childcare or family care (various types of short and long-term leave and shortened working hours). We also have initiatives to promote women's participation in the workplace, and have been advancing work-style reforms for all employees through the introduction of programs that enable flexible work styles (flextime and telework). JPX will continue efforts to build a comfortable working environment where a diverse range of people can play an active role .

Balancing Work and Caregiving

Balancing work and childcare

JPX has adopted systems and programs that surpass legal requirements for childcare leave, shortened work hours, and sick/injured childcare leave, as well as introducing a flextime system for all employees. We also provide other types of programs to support childcare such as subsidies for use of specialized daycare for sick and recovering children and extended-hours daycare, as well as supplementary commuting allowances to cover dropping off and picking up children from daycare.
Apart from this, based on the belief that wider participation of men in childcare will lead to further participation of women in society as a whole, JPX endeavors to make it easier for male employees to participate more in housework and childcare. To do this, when a male employee's partner gives birth, we provide them and their supervisors directly with information on the childcare support schemes available and proactively encourage their use.
Specifically, for male employees, as the statutory paternity leave (partially paid by the government but with no pay from the company) can be difficult to take in some circumstances, JPX introduced a type of paid parental leave which can be used in as many parts as the employee wishes until the child is three. We endeavor to make sure that male employees feel comfortable using this leave.
In FY2022, 20 male employees took childcare leave, with an average of 21.3 days of leave taken.

Percentage and number of male employees taking parental leave Percentage (number of employees) 66.7%
Average amount of days taken 21.3

  • ・Total number of employees who took statutory paternity leave, postnatal parental leave, and paid paternal leave. The acquisition rate of statutory paternity leave and postnatal parental leave is 23.3%)

To enable employees, regardless of gender, to balance childcare and work, we have created a guide which is distributed and explained directly to employees and their supervisors at the time of pregnancy or the birth of a child. We have also posted the guide on the company bulletin board to spread awareness within the company.

  • Measures to support raising the next generation ("Kurumin Authorization")

In the two years from FY2014, JPX formulated and implemented an Action Plan aiming to support employees in nurturing the future generation. In recognition of such efforts, JPX was certified as having met the criteria of the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in FY2016 and authorized to use the "Kurumin" mark. JPX formulated and has been implementing a new action plan for further improvements in this area.

    FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Percentage and number of employees taking parental leave Female 100%
Male 79.3%

Balancing work and family care

JPX has launched programs that surpass legal requirements for caregivers, including short and long-term family care leave and shortened work hours. JPX has been holding Family Care Seminars for employees and their family members and endeavoring to provide information on family care in order to create an environment in which employees with responsibility for family care, numbers of whom are expected to grow in the future, can work without worry.
In addition, JPX has created a guide for balancing work and family care and distributes/advises on this to employees with care responsibilities, as well as posting it on bulletin boards so that employees can gather information even before they find themselves in that situation.

Balancing work and cancer or other medical treatment

Developments in medical technology in recent years have contributed to greatly improving the survival rates of patients with critical illnesses such as cancer, enabling more people to balance work and medical treatment. Foreseeing the increase in these types of situations, JPX expanded its flexible hourly leave and shortened working hours systems in FY2018, helping us to build an environment in which employees receiving cancer or other treatment can continue working as much as possible.
JPX has also implemented various measures such as providing financial aid for cancer screening and other examinations, establishing an internal helpline, and creating a guide to support employees in balancing work and medical treatments which is available to all employees.


With the aim of supporting balance between work and diverse lifestyles, JPX introduced a "Work and Life Support Leave" system for ad-hoc family care, preparation for external care for family members, fertility treatments, and other activities whereby employees can make use of previously unused annual paid leave.
Work and Life Support Leave is available in hourly and half-day slots, allowing employees to use such leave flexibly in accordance with their individual circumstances.

Flexible Work Styles

Flextime system

JPX has a flextime system in place for all employees which enables each employee to flexibly choose their working hours in line with their circumstances, as long as it does not interfere with their work.

Telework system

In FY2017, JPX introduced a telework system available to all employees regardless of reasons such as childcare or family care. 
Under the unprecedented circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, JPX has performed its duty as a societal infrastructure by making sure that all employees transferred to telework smoothly, thereby continuing smooth market operations while ensuring the safety and peace of mind of employees and their families.
JPX intends to continue to utilize this telework system in the future, including as one effective way to strengthen our BCP.

Diverse leave systems

JPX has introduced types of long-term leave that employees can use in line with their life or career plans, such as "professional development leave" which can be used, for example, when an employee wishes to study abroad, and "leave to accompany spouse," which can be used when the employee's spouse is given an overseas work assignment.

Reemployment program for former employees

JPX also has a program in place for reemploying individuals who resigned from JPX in the past for personal reasons. The program offers ambitious and talented former employees who have acquired many different experiences outside the company an opportunity to once more contribute to JPX.

Summary of all employee support systems/programs icon-pdf

Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

Female employees can inevitably get into a situation where it is difficult for them to demonstrate their caliber due to a career gap following life events such as childbirth and child-rearing, and therefore JPX Group considers it is especially important to provide support for female employees. Therefore, we have maintained a high return-to-work rate of 98% over the past five years by supporting a smooth return to work through prereturn-to-work interviews after childcare leave and by enhancing the support system for balancing work and childcare.
In this way, we have created an environment in which female employees can continue to work without career interruption, and we have also set targets for the promotion of female employees to management positions.

Female employees in managerial positions

In April 2022, JPX appointed its first internally promoted female executive officer. Four women have also been selected as department/section directors, and the number of female managers overall has been steadily increasing in recent years. As of April 2023, we had 45 female managers accounting for 8.6%, meaning that we achieved our goal of 8% or more female managers by April 2022.

  April 2016
(First target set)
April 2021 April 2022 April 2023
Female managers 15
Female board members 2

  • ・Data as of April 1 of each fiscal year
  • ・The percentage of female board members is for the Board of Directors of parent company JPX

Target for ratio of female managers

We have set a target of at least 50 female managers by FY2025 (an increase of around 1.5 times from now) and at least 70 by FY2030 (around double). If the target mentioned above is achieved, compared to FY2016 when a target for female managers was first set out, the number of female employees holding a manager or higher position will have increased by approximately 3.3 times and 4.6 times by FY2025 and FY2030, respectively. The ratio of female managers is expected to reach 10% or more by FY2025 and exceed 14% before FY2030.

  • Action Plan to promote female empowerment

    JPX formulates and publishes its Action Plan based on the provisions of Article 8, Paragraph 1 or 7 of the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace (Act on Promoting Female Empowerment).
Action Plan in Response to Laws on Support for Raising Children and Advancement of Women in the Workplace icon-pdf

Supporting women's careers

JPX has a number of systems in place to promote the empowerment of women in the workplace, including, from FY2014, career training for female employees and chances for users of childcare support programs to exchange views with their supervisors. Since FY2016, JPX has put in place multiple additional initiatives, such as including content in management training aimed at managing a diverse workforce, including promoting women's participation and supporting their career progression.
Furthermore, we consider that when female employees return to work from maternity leave, it is vital that they can continue to gain the experience needed to advance their careers and use their valuable skills to the full on an ongoing basis, even during this most difficult period for balancing work and childcare. To enable this, JPX sets up pre-return meetings between these employees and their supervisors, where both sides can compare expectations for how things will work and what roles (goals) they will have. This facilitates trust-building between employee and supervisor, and helps to build an environment where each employee can use their skills on an ongoing basis even when their time is limited due to childcare responsibilities.
JPX also ensures that female employees gain experience outside the company by actively sending employees, regardless of gender, for post-graduate study at domestic and overseas universities and secondee positions at other companies.

Messages from JPX's female employees icon-pdf

Wage Gap Between Men and Women

In consideration of employees’ basic roles, future expectations, and diversified lifestyles, JPX has established three Courses within its staff positions: the GS Course, the DS Course, and the SS Course.
The same wage standards are applied regardless of gender. However, the proportion of women in the SS Course, which has different roles and a different salary structure, is higher than that in the GS Course, resulting in a lower average wage for women.
The following table shows the difference in wages between men and women at the Company and its core subsidiaries in FY2022.

  Wage gap between male and female employees(%)(Ratio of female employees’ wages to male employees)
All employees 71.3
Permanent employees 71.5
Contract employees 70.9

GS Course: The employee is expected to work on operations that contribute to strengthening the Group's business, gain experience in various business fields, and acquire a wide range of knowledge and a high level of expertise.
DS Course: The employee is expected to focus on the digital network field, including the development of trading systems, and to promote diversification of business and sophistication of services by demonstrating a high level of expertise.
SS Course: The employee is expected to work on operations that support the stable business operations of the Group, acquire expertise, and play a central role in general and specialized clerical work.

Promoting Participation of Foreign Nationals and Mid-Career Hires

As of April 2023, there were 18 non-Japanese (1.4% of all employees) working at JPX Group, of which four were managers (including one department/section director; 0.8% of all managers). There were 391 mid-career hires (31.2%) of which 168 (32.2%) were managers.
JPX Group will continue its proactive recruitment efforts to appoint talented personnel, by carrying out mid-career hires, mainly those who have work experience or expertise in sectors such as law, accounting, finance, and IT, regardless of nationality, and employing non-Japanese including new graduates who do not have work experience, in order to maintain and raise the number of managers who are non-Japanese and mid-career hires.

Promoting participation of experienced employees

In order to promote more active roles for senior employees, we are extending the retirement age from 60 to 65 effective April 2023. However, by extending the retirement age and reviewing the roles and benefits expected of employees after age 60, we have created an environment where employees can work with peace of mind while maintaining a high sense of mission and responsibility until age 65, without having to worry about retiring at age 60. We intend to promote further stability and sophistication of our traditional functions as an exchange, namely stable market operation, by utilizing the wealth of business experience and knowledge possessed by our senior employees.
We also provide career planning training for employees in their 50s to enable them to consider their own careers in their 50s and beyond in advance, as well as money planning seminars to deepen their understanding of public pension plans, etc.

Employment of people with disabilities

JPX hires people with disabilities throughout the year, and to ensure that they can continue to work without any concerns about their physical condition, we conduct periodic interviews and provide detailed follow-up after hiring. Like other employees, they are engaged in various tasks related to market operations according to their individual abilities and aptitudes.
The Group has a flextime system and time off system that allows employees to balance work with regular hospital visits without worry, and can be used in the same manner as other employees.

Promoting understanding of LGBTQ

Every year, we require all employees to take an e-learning course which is designed to deepen understanding of sexual orientation minority groups, including those who identify as LGBTQ. In our offices, we are creating a comfortable working environment by, for example, putting in place non-gendered toilets, and we also have a helpline which takes consultation on individual issues.

Stamping out harassment

JPX sets out a prohibition of unfair discrimination based on gender, rank, maternity or paternity, and other individual attributes or circumstances in its corporate behavior rules. We make sure all employees are fully aware of this rule through including content on harassment prevention in annual training for all levels of management and requiring all employees to complete annual e-learning courses on the subject.

Employee Safety and Health

JPX Health Management Declaration

To achieve the vision established in "Target 2030" and contribute both to economic development and the realization of a sustainable society, JPX Group must fulfill its responsibilities as part of the social infrastructure and evolve into a global integrated financial and information platform that provides solutions to a wide range of social issues, including financing and fund circulation services. To achieve these goals, we believe that the foundation for all of our efforts is to ensure that each and every employee of the JPX Group and their families are healthy, both physically and mentally, and that the workplace supports this health. Employees are encouraged to think proactively about how to maintain and improve the health of themselves and their families, and to actively learn and practice such knowledge. In the workplace, we encourage employees to create a comfortable working environment where they can work together in casual communication, supporting each other's situations and concerns. Through these efforts, we believe that each and every employee will be full of energy, enthusiasm, and will be able to maximize their abilities in order to provide better services and enhance our corporate value.

Specific Initiatives and Concepts for the Promotion of Well-being

Health Management

JPX is working to ensure that employees and their families maintain and improve their health, while at the same time striving to grasp the health condition of all of its employees to aid in early detection of disease or abnormalities. JPX also subsidizes the costs of testing for early cancer diagnosis.

  1. Assistance for health checks (for the employee and dependents), and assistance for optional health checks for the employee
  2. Gynecological examination assistance for women/e-learning for women's health
  3. E-learning about proper sleep habits
  4. Lifestyle-related illness prevention (breakfast assistance, healthy cafeteria menu, gym assistance)
  5. Lifestyle guidance from public health nurses

Mental Health

JPX has made both internal and external helplines available to ensure that employees can work while maintaining both their physical and mental wellbeing. As necessary, an employee may also consult a psychiatrist in-person. In addition, JPX provides information on preventing mental illness.

  1. E-learning about self-care and "line care" (top-down health management at work)
  2. Consultations with public health nurses
  3. Consultations with occupational physicians and follow-up with public health nurses
  4. An environment in which employees can consult with an external consultation service
  5. Pre-return to work interview, consideration upon returning to work, and follow up after returning to work

Safety and Health Initiatives

JPX implements various initiatives to provide a safe and healthy work environment, including:

  1. Monthly meetings of its Health Committee
  2. Inspection by an occupational physician
  3. Periodic assessments of stress levels

Use of Occupational Health Professionals

JPX Group currently has contracts with three occupational health professionals, specializing in internal medicine and psychosomatic medicine, and actively utilizes them where needed. For example, if an employee or their supervisor wants to consult about a medical issue or concern, we provide an opportunity for them to talk freely to one of these professionals where appropriate. By responding swiftly in line with individual employees' circumstances, we can prevent deterioration of health issues.

JPX Sustainable Wellness Actions

We specify “Sustainable Wellness Actions (SWAs) as the health actions each employee at JPX should take, and communicate them to our employees.

Engagement Survey

Employees’ well-being—the state in which their bodies and minds are healthy and they are socially fulfilled because they are working with passion and vitality—is essential for them to demonstrate their capabilities to the fullest. The Group conducts engagement surveys to ascertain employees’ level of engagement and help improve HR policies. The results of the FY2022 survey were excellent: a work engagement score of 75% (percentage of positive responses) in terms of vitality, passion, and immersion in work, and an organizational engagement score of 78% in terms of attachment and a sense of belonging to the company. Looking ahead, the Group will devote energy to maintaining the organizational engagement score and improving the work engagement score, which has relatively more room for improvement.

Stress Check Score

In terms of mental health, we are focusing on initiatives in cooperation with occupational physicians, such as appropriate care for injured and sick employees and support for early return to work. This led to a ratio of 6.4% for employees who were experiencing a high level of stress and an overall health risk of 81 in the stress check conducted in FY2022. In FY22 a public health nurse was hired to facilitate consultations, discussion, education, and provision of information on mental and physical health.

Engagement survey Work engagement score 75%
Organization engagement score 78%
Stress check score Ratio of employees with high stress levels 6.4%
Overall health risk* 81
*The lower the value the more desirable, with an average value of 100 and 80 or below being considered good

Employee Health Data

  FY2019FY2020FY2021 FY2022
Ratio of employees undergoing annual health check 80.2% 65.1% 92.3% 96.5%
Ratio of employees who exercise regularly 76.4% 75.7% 78.6% 80.0%
Ratio of employees who smoke 12.1% 11.9% 9.8% 10.6%
Ratio of employees answering annual stress check survey 91.4% 91.1% 90.6% 95.2%
Number of employees using leave for long-term medical conditions 6 6 3 1

  • ・This data on health care status etc. are figures for the Company and its core subsidiaries (excluding employees on loan to outside companies and temporary employees, but including subcontractors and those on maternity leave).

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is JPX’s strength, which we will continue to preserve in the future.

  • A deeply permeating, highly appealing corporate philosophy
  • Dedication to our goal of stable market operations.
  • A high level of openness

The above three points are crucial to maintaining one of JPX’s biggest strengths, corporate culture. The first is “a deeply permeating, highly appealing corporate philosophy,” which draws top-level human resources who are attracted by the high level of public interest in the Group and its contribution to society. We emphasize the importance of understanding this philosophy in our recruitment activities. Understanding of our corporate philosophy is also an important factor in our high rates of retention and engagement. This is one aspect of our corporate culture that we must continue to emphasize. The second point is “dedication to our goal of stable market operations.” The foundation of JPX Group’s business is stable market operations, and in practice, there are many routine operations that must be carried out daily with no room for error. We believe that a corporate culture of engaging in work with a high sense of dedication and responsibility is an asset to our Group, and must be preserved. The third point is “a high level of openness.” We have fostered a corporate culture in which employees can communicate without having to be excessively aware of a hierarchy, and can express their opinions freely. In this culture, there is a vigorous daily exchange of opinions on how to further the stability of our market operations and pioneer new sectors and fields.

Points to further develop in the future regarding corporate culture and employee mindset

  • A mindset of challenging oneself
  • A mindset of dedication to teamwork
  • A mindset of acting as a role-model for subordinates and junior staff

The environment surrounding the JPX Group is changing dramatically. To achieve our long-term vision, Target 2030, which is set forth in our mid-term management plan (contribute to sustainable societal and economic development by evolving into a global, comprehensive finance and information platform which provides solutions for a wide range of societal issues, centered on the ability to raise and circulate capital.) we must have a mindset of challenging ourselves without being overly constrained by the typical framework of an exchange. In addition, teamwork is extremely important to carrying out JPX’s core mission of stable market operations, and mutual support among employees is indispensable. Furthermore, corporate culture and mindset, which are JPX’s strengths, have been passed down through communication among employees in the course of their work, and a mindset of acting as a role-model for subordinates and junior staff. We believe that these are all important mindsets to have, and that this corporate culture should not be lost because of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Examples of efforts to foster corporate culture

  • A Flexible work system that allows for a certain amount of telework
  • An evaluation system that encourages self-development
  • Opportunities and an environment that fosters the building of relationships regardless of department or age (consultation, mentoring system, etc.)
  • A system for expressing appreciation and praise
  • Management training etc. consistent with the times

Employee data

FY2019FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Employee breakdowns
(some employees may be counted in more than one category)
Total 1,208 1,197 1,193 1,224
Male 875
Female 333
Non-Japanese 16
Mid-career hires 331
New hires New graduate hires 26 25 25 27
Female 12 11 11 12
Non-Japanese 1 1 0 0
New mid-career hires 15 13 18 25
Female 3 0 4 10
Non-Japanese 2 0 0 0
Number of voluntary resignations Total
(% of all employees)
Male 7 8 14 7
Female 4 2 4 2
Average years of service Total 17.1 17.4 17.4 17.6
Male 16.4 16.9 16.9 17.3
Female 18.4 18.7 18.6 18.3
Average overtime hours 23hrs. 52mns. 27hrs. 35mns. 28hrs. 15mns. 27hrs. 46mns.
Average number of paid holidays taken 14.4(72%) 12.0(60%) 12.2(61%) 12.6(63%)

  • ・All data in this table are for the end of the relevant fiscal year.
  • ・Average overtime hours are overtime hours worked outside the prescribed overtime hours.
  • ・The number of paid vacations is the number of days of annual paid leave taken,
  • ・This data on this page are figures for the Company and its core subsidiaries (excluding employees on loan to outside companies and temporary employees, but including subcontractors and those on maternity leave).