Group CEO Message

JPX Group’s overall mission is to contribute to the realization of an affluent society by promoting sustainable development of the market.

To continue fulfilling this mission, in FY2022 JPX Group set out its long-term vision for 2030, which is to: "contribute to sustainable societal and economic development by evolving into a global, comprehensive finance and information platform which provides solutions for a wide range of societal issues, centered on the ability to raise and circulate capital."

The first three years (2022-2024) are the first stage in achieving this long-term vision. The slogan of the Medium-Term Management Plan 2024, "Exchange & beyond," embodies our determination to strengthen the traditional function of the exchange and ensure stable market operations, while also advancing in new fields.

Following the "Doubling Asset-based Incomes Plan" in FY2022, in FY2023 the "Action Program for Accelerating Corporate Governance Reform" and the “Reforms of Asset Management Sector and Asset Ownership” were announced, further advancing the government's efforts to build Japan into a leading asset management center. In addition, the new NISA scheme, which has been fundamentally expanded and made permanent, was launched at the beginning of this year. Interest in Japan's capital markets has never been higher.

Given these circumstances, JPX Group is committed to fulfilling its role as the core infrastructure of Japan's capital markets, not just through stable market operations but also by promoting policies to improve the market's attractiveness and being proactive about information provision. As CEO, I envision that JPX should go outside our usual borders to achieve this goal, fostering an awareness and culture of "openness." JPX will actively engage with market users and other stakeholders, both domestic and overseas, in order to gain new insights, thereby enabling the creation of better markets and better services from a stakeholder perspective.

Stable management and sustainable development of our markets are feats that cannot be achieved without the understanding and cooperation of our stakeholders such as investors, listed companies, securities companies, and financial institutions. We hope to enjoy your continued support.

Yamaji Hiromi

Director & Representative Executive Officer, Group CEO

Japan Exchange Group, Inc.

April 2024

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