Group CEO Message

From FY2019, JPX has launched its 3rd Medium-Term Management Plan-Sail to the future. Keep the market secure.

In this plan, as a market infrastructure that provides platforms for investors to manage assets and for companies to fundraise, JPX keeps pursuing its essential mission of operating stable markets all can use with ease and trust. In this way, JPX extends its commitment to Keep the market secure.

Innovations such as fintech and global dynamics around the financial/capital market have advanced at an accelerated rate. In this environment, it is important for JPX to adapt to these developments immediately and flexibly, a concept that is encapsulated into the phrase: Sail to the future.

Embracing this mindset, JPX aims to evolve into a total smart exchange, where anyone can trade any product in a secure and easy way. To this end, JPX will advance initiatives as a corporate group in various areas, extending to and beyond commodities trading by further cooperating with stakeholders and entering into new partnerships. In addition, JPX will also make a more active contribution to building a "sustainable society" in our role as a responsible infrastructure operator.

Stable management and sustainable development of our markets are feats that cannot be achieved without the understanding and cooperation of investors, listed companies, securities companies, and financial institutions, as well as the regulatory authorities and the society. We hope to enjoy your continued support.

Akira Kiyota

Director & Representative Executive Officer, Group CEO

Japan Exchange Group, Inc.