Integrated Report (JPX Report)

JPX Report 2023 (All)

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JPX Report 2023 (By sections)

Mission for JPX Group icon-pdf
Creating Value at JPX Group icon-pdf
Strategies for Creating Value icon-pdf
Sustainability icon-pdf
Foundations for Value Creation icon-pdf
Financial and Corporate Data icon-pdf


JPX Report 2022 <PDF 6.7MB 88P> icon-pdf
JPX Report 2021 <PDF 8.3MB 84P> icon-pdf
JPX Report 2020 <PDF 6.2MB 83P> icon-pdf
JPX Report 2019 <PDF 5.0MB 77P> icon-pdf
JPX Report 2018 <PDF 5.4MB 83P> icon-pdf
JPX Report 2017 <PDF 9.4MB 83P> icon-pdf
JPX Report 2016 <PDF 3.2MB 77P> icon-pdf
JPX Report 2015 <PDF 4.1MB 79P> icon-pdf
Annual Report 2014 <PDF 6.1MB 83P> icon-pdf
Annual Report 2013 <PDF 2.3MB 47P> icon-pdf
Annual Reports (TSE Group)

Note: The photographs of Shibusawa Eiichi in the JPX Reports 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 are from the collection of the Shibusawa Memorial Museum.