Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

We shall contribute to the realization of an affluent society by promoting sustainable development of the market by ensuring reliability and public visibility, laying the foundation of a market which is highly convenient, efficient, and transparent, and providing creative and attractive services. We believe that these efforts bring rewards in the form of profits resulting from the increased support and confidence of investors and other market users.

This corporate philosophy represents the goals and values that we aim to achieve when conducting corporate activities and lies at the foundation of business plan development and management decision making. All directors, executive officers, and employees are guided by this philosophy in their actions.

Long-term Vision: "Target 2030"

Contribute to sustainable societal and economic development by evolving into a global, comprehensive finance and information platform* which provides solutions for a wide range of societal issues, centered on the ability to raise and circulate capital

  • Named "G-HUB" (Heighten market integrity, Unlock opportunity, Benefit society)

We will aim to continue as a central market for the Asia-Pacific region, and a key market globally.

Creed (Four "C"s)

Customer First - The Customer Comes First

In order to understand the needs of various stakeholders and to maximize the sum of customer satisfaction, we always think from the customer's viewpoint and continue to look for optimum solutions.

Credibility - Securing Social Credibility

While we stably operate markets with a high degree of fairness and transparency on a daily basis, we also construct a highly reliable social infrastructure that achieves strong competitiveness, stability, convenience, and cost efficiency.

Creativity - Pursuit of Creativity

For the purpose of strengthening global competitiveness and improving customer convenience, we work on offering creative products and services with the spirit and passion for a challenge, without fear of failure.

Competency - Display of Employee Ability

We maintain a working environment in which we can utilize the diversity of individual employees and they can display the most of their abilities.


In addition, in line with our unchanging corporate philosophy, we draw up a medium-term management plan that describes our basic management policy, management objectives, and business strategy suited to the times.

Midterm Business Plan