Investor FAQs

General Information

Q1. What is JPX?
A1. Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (JPX) is a holding company that operates financial instruments exchanges, including Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Exchange.
By providing comprehensive market trading services ranging from equities to derivatives, we create market environments in which users can participate with confidence. For more, see Our Business.
Q2. How old is JPX?
A2. The history of JPX can be traced back to the establishment of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Ltd. and Osaka Stock Exchange Co., Ltd. in 1878. The modern TSE and OSE were founded in April 1949. JPX as a corporate group came into existence in January 2013 through the merger between TSE and OSE. For more, see History.
Q3. What are JPX's corporate philosophy and business strategy?
A3. See Corporate Philosophy and Medium-Term Management Plan.
Q4. What is JPX's corporate governance system?
A4. See Corporate Governance.
Q5. What is JPX's stance on sustainability?
A5. See Sustainability.

Financial Information

JPX Stock

Q1. What is the security code for Japan Exchange Group, Inc.?
A1. 8697
Q2. Where can I find historical data on JPX's share price of JPX?
A2. See Stock Price.
Q3. When is the Annual General Shareholders Meeting held?
A3. It is held about one week before the peak day for AGMs in Japan in June every year. The schedules is posted about four weeks prior to the meeting on the Shareholders Meetings page.
Q4. What are the dividend record dates?
A4. The year-end dividend record date is March 31, and the interim dividend record date is September 30.
Q5. What is the procedure for stock transfers or a change of address?
A5. Please contact the brokerage company with which you have your securities account.

Other Information

Q1. Is it possible to visit JPX?
A1. Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Exchange are open for visitors on weekdays.
For more information, see Visit JPX.
Q2. How can I obtain more information or get in contact with JPX?
A2. Our FAQ page has information on TSE and OSE markets. For all other direct inquiries, please fill out the relevant form on Contact us.