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MarginMargin on Futures and Options

Margin for Listed Derivatives

  • JSCC conducts clearing operations for Futures and Options listed at the Osaka Exchange, Tokyo Commodity Exchange and Osaka Dojima Commodity Exchange, and undertakes overall procedures for these transactions from the Margin calculation to the management of the deposit as Margin.

    ※ With regards to Futures and Options traded at other Exchanges, Margin is deposited with respective Exchange.
<Please see here for Customer Margin>
<Please see here for Clearing Margin>
  • The minimum Margin requirement shall be the amount of SPAN Risk, which is calculated by JSCC via SPAN®, developed by Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), subtracting/adding the total net option value.
<Please see here for SPAN®>
<Please see here for SPAN Risk Parameter Files>
<Please see here for getting SPAN® Data and Info>

(※)The total required Margin for Listed Derivatives amount contributed by all Clearing Participants was JPY1,299.8B (as of 30, June, 2020)

<Please see here for Intra-day Margin Call>
<Please see here for the position recognition period for Margin calculation>
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