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Business RulesCredit Default Swap

(As of Jul 10, 2019)

Rules for OTC Derivatives (CDS)

Business Rules

CDS Clearing Business Rules [527 kb]

Handling of Business Rules, etc.

Handling Procedures of CDS Business Rules [635 kb]
Rules on Fees for CDS Clearing Business [103 kb]
Rules on Required CDS Clearing Fund Amount [89 kb]
Rules on Inspection of Clearing Participant in relation to CDS Clearing Business [120 kb]
Disciplinary Measures Assessment Committee Rules [151 kb]
JSCC Determination Committee Rules [178 kb]
Rules on Default Settlement Regarding Clearing Participants [495 kb]
Default Management Committee Rules [29 kb]
CDS Management Committee Rules [55 kb]

Public Notice

Eligible CDS Transaction [167 kb]
CDS Clearing Cycle Annual Schedule [255 kb]
Guideline on Standard for Clearing Qualification Acquisition in Credit Default Swap and Interest Rate Swap Clearing [345 kb]
Treatment of Profit or Loss from Management of Clearing Deposit [27 kb]
Collateral Fee Relating to United States Treasury Security [16 kb]
Reference Obligation of Cleared Contracts [64 kb]
Terms Prescribed by JSCC in respect of Clearing Contracts subject to Application for Compression, etc. and Notification Method related to Clearing Customer’s Instruction to Apply for Compression, etc. [25 kb]
Re: Matters Prescribed for Representation regarding Registration as an FCM or Other Status [13 kb]
Application and Withdrawal Processes for Position Transfer [89 kb]
Trade Reporting Fee [25 kb]
Re: Prescribing Terms and Conditions of Claims and Obligations in Clearing Contracts (Own Account) subject to Succession under the Provisions of Article 53-4 of the CDS Clearing Business Rules [73 kb]
Re: Prescribing Terms and Conditions of Claims and Obligations Arising as a Result of Transfer under the Provisions of Articles 58-3 and 58-5 of the CDS Clearing Business Rules [79 kb]
Management of Clearing Deposit through Deposit in Current Account Opened at Bank of Japan [21 kb]