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Business RulesCredit Default Swap

(As of June 19, 2024)

Rules for OTC Derivatives (CDS)

Business Rules

CDS Clearing Business Rules

Handling of Business Rules, etc.

Handling Procedures of CDS Business Rules
Rules on Fees for CDS Clearing Business
Rules on Required CDS Clearing Fund Amount
Rules on Inspection of Clearing Participant in relation to CDS Clearing Business
Disciplinary Measures Assessment Committee Rules
JSCC Determination Committee Rules
Rules on Default Settlement Regarding Clearing Participants
Default Management Committee Rules
CDS Management Committee Rules

Public Notice

Eligible CDS Transaction
CDS Clearing Cycle Annual Schedule
Guideline on Standard for Clearing Qualification Acquisition in Credit Default Swap and Interest Rate Swap Clearing
Treatment of Profit or Loss from Management of Clearing Deposit
Collateral Fee Relating to United States Treasury Security
Clearing Contracts
Terms Prescribed by JSCC in respect of Clearing Contracts subject to Application for Compression, etc. and Notification Method related to Clearing Customer’s Instruction to Apply for Compression, etc.
Re: Matters Prescribed for Representation regarding Registration as an FCM or Other Status
Application and Withdrawal Processes for Position Transfer
Trade Reporting Fee
Re: Prescribing Terms and Conditions of Claims and Obligations in Clearing Contracts (Own Account) subject to Succession under the Provisions of Article 53-4 of the CDS Clearing Business Rules
Re: Prescribing Terms and Conditions of Claims and Obligations Arising as a Result of Transfer under the Provisions of Articles 58-3 and 58-5 of the CDS Clearing Business Rules
Management of Clearing Deposit through Deposit in Current Account Opened at Bank of Japan