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Data and InformationSite Info

1. Copyright

All data (text, photographs, illustrations, etc) displayed on this website are protected by copyright law. The website as a whole is also the subject of copyright.These copyrights are protected under Japanese copyright law and international agreements.

The information of this home page neither in whole nor in part may be diverted, reproduced, quoted, altered or sold without any prior permission from Japan Securities Clearing Corporation.(JSCC)

2. Liability

While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained on this website is correct, JSCC will not accept responsibility for any damages or loss suffered by users as a result of their use of this information.

3. Linking

Please feel free to make a link to the Japan Securities Clearing Corporation Homepage. However, we firmly prohibit any link from those sites which slander or defame the Japan Securities Clearing Corporation and which include illegal contents. Also, we firmly prohibit any link from those sites whose contents are against public order and morals. If you make a link to the Japan Securities Clearing Corporation Homepage, please send an e-mail to info@jscc.co.jp to inform us of the URL etc. of the homepage to which the link will be made .

We also prohibit any frame link or link in any other form that would make it unclear that the content is provided by the Japan Securities Clearing Corporation.

4. Trademark

Names of a company or a product shown in this web site may be registered trademark of relevant parties. Display TM or (R) marks are omitted.

5. RSS

・RSS information of JPX website is limited for personal use only.
・Redelivering the RSS information, building a website by using the RSS information and mail delivery are prohibited regardless of profit or non-profit.
・Please note that questions about a use of RSS and RSS tools are not acceptable.
・The delivery may be subject to stopped and URL, contents or format may be subject to change without notice due to web maintenance.
・Delivered information is as of the date of publication. It may be subject to change with time.

6. Revisions & Maintenance

The contents and URL of this website may be revised or deleted without prior notices. We do our utmost to ensure smooth service, but systems breakdowns and maintenance operations may lead to the suspension of service at any time. We will do our best to resume service as quickly as possible.

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