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About JSCCCompany Profile

As of 6 September, 2023

Company Name Japan Securities Clearing Corporation
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) 549300JHM7D8P3TS4S86
President & CEO Konuma Yasuyuki
Head Office 2-1, Nihombashi-Kabuto-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0026, Japan map
Date of Incorporation
(Commencement of Operations)
July 1, 2002 (January 14, 2003)
Capital 9.58 billion yen
Business Contents ・Clearing services related to securities trading and other transactions under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act;
・Clearing services related to commodity trading and other transactions under the Commodity Derivatives Act; and
・Any and all businesses incidental or related to any of the above.
※For license, recognition and etc. obtained from domestic/overseas regulatory authorities regarding JSCC’s Clearing Business, please click here.
Total Number of Issued Shares Total :63,611 shares
Class A shares 32,270 shares
Class B shares 9,000 shares
Class C shares 10,000 shares
Class D shares 12,341 shares
The Number of Voting Rights of All Shareholders 63,611units
(shareholding ratio)
Class A shares:
・Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (100.0%)
Class B shares:
・Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (100.0%)
Class C shares:
・Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (60.4%)
・Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited (2.2%)
・Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd.  (2.2%)
・JPMorgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd.  (2.2%)
・Citigroup Global Markets Japan Inc.  (2.2%)
・Société Générale (Société Générale Bank) (2.2%)
・Daiwa Securities Group Inc.  (2.2%)
・Deutsche Securities Inc.  (2.2%)
・Barclays Bank PLC (Barclays Bank) (2.2%)
・Nomura Holdings, Inc.  (2.2%)
・BNP Paribas Securities (Japan) Limited (2.2%)
・Mizuho Bank, Ltd.  (2.2%)
・Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (2.2%)
・Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (2.2%)
・MUFG Bank, Ltd.  (2.2%)
・BofA Securities Japan Co., Ltd.  (2.2%)
・Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co., Ltd.  (2.2%)
・UBS AG (2.2%)
・Resona Bank Co.,Ltd.  (2.2%)
Class D shares:
・Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (52.9%)
・Barclays Securities Japan Limited(1.9%)
・BGC shokenkaisha Ltd.(1.9%)
・BNP Paribas Securities(Japan) Limited(1.9%)
・Central Tanshi Co.,Ltd(1.9%)
・Central Totan Securities Co., Ltd(1.9%)
・Credit Agricole Securities Asia B.V. Tokyo Branch(1.9%)
・Credit Suisse Securities(Japan)Limited(1.9%)
・Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.(1.9%)
・Deutsche Securities Inc.(1.9%)
・Japan Bond Trading Co., Ltd.(1.9%)
・Japan Securities Finance Co., Ltd(1.9%)
・JPMorgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd(1.9%)
・BofA Securities Japan Co., Ltd.(1.9%)
・Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co., Ltd.(1.9%)
・Nomura Holdings, Inc.(1.9%)
・Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation(1.9%)
・The Norinchukin Bank(1.9%)
・Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings, Inc.(1.9%)
・The Tokyo Tanshi Co., Ltd. (1.9%)
・UBS Securities Japan Co., Ltd.(1.9%)
・Ueda Yagi Tanshi Co., Ltd.(1.9%)
・Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.(1.7%)
・Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co.,Ltd.(0.9%)
・MUFG Bank, Ltd.(0.9%)
・Mizuho Bank, Ltd.(0.2%)

Management and Auditors

Members of the Board

Director Konuma Yasuyuki President & CEO
Director Hirano Takeshi
Director Asai Kunihiro Senior Corporate Managing Director, Nikko Asset Management CO., Ltd.
Director Ohashi Kazuhiko Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Hitotsubashi University
Director Sakata Hideki Senior Managing Director, Globai Markets, Nomura Securities CO., Ltd.
Director Sasaki Daishi Co-Head of Global Markets Company(in charge of Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange and Equities),Mizuho financial Group, Inc.
Director Futagi Satoshi Senior Executive Officer, Japan Exchange Group, Inc.

Company Auditors

Standing Company Auditor Suzuki Yoshihiko
Company Auditor Morishita kunihiko Attorney-at-law
Company Auditor Yanaga Masao Professor, Graduate School of Professional Accountancy, Meiji University

Executive Officers

President & CEO Konuma Yasuyuki
Senior Executive Officer Hirano Takeshi Clearing Planning, OTC Derivatives Clearing Services and JGB Clearing Services
Executive Officer Isomoto Naoki General Administration, Listed Products Clearing Services and Comprehensive Exchange Development
Executive Officer Kakizaki Kazuhisa
Tokyo Site Contingency