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Expansion of Scope of Subject Transactions for Clearing associated with Integration with Japan Commodity Clearing House

From July 27, 2020, Japan Securities Clearing Corporation (JSCC) expands its scope of the subject transactions for clearing to cover Listed Commodity Derivatives in association with the integration with Japan Commodity Clearing House.

Subject Transactions

From July 27, 2020, JSCC adds following products listed on Osaka Exchange (OSE), Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) and Osaka Dojima Commodity Exchange (ODE) as its subject transactions for clearing.

(As of July 27, 2020)

 Precious Metals (OSE Listed) Gold Standard Futures, Gold Mini Futures, Gold Rolling-Spot Futures, Option on Gold Futures, Silver Futures, Platinum Standard Futures, Platinum Mini Futures, Platinum Rolling-Spot Futures, Palladium Futures
 Rubber (OSE Listed) RSS3 Rubber Futures,  TSR20 Rubber Futures
 Agricultural Products (OSE Listed) Soybean Futures, Azuki (Red Bean) Futures, Corn Futures
 Energy (TOCOM Listed) Gasoline Futures, Cash-settled Barge Gasoline Futures, Cash-settled Lorry Gasoline Futures, Kerosene Futures, Cash-settled Barge Kerosene Futures, Cash-settled Lorry Kerosene Futures, Gas Oil Futures, Cash-settled Barge Gas Oil Futures, Cash-settled Lorry Gas Oil Futures, Dubai Crude Oil Futures, East Area Baseload Electricity Futures, West Area Baseload Electricity Futures, East Area Peakload Electricity Futures, West Area Peakload Electricity Futures
 Chukyo Oil (TOCOM Listed) Chukyo Gasoline Futures, Chukyo Kerosene Futures
 Agricultural / Sugar (ODE Listed) Miyagi Hitome18 Futures, Akita Komachi17 Futures, Akita Komachi Futures, Niigata Koshihikari Futures, Tokyo Rice Futures, Yellow Corn50 Futures, US Soybeans Futures, Azuki Beans Futures, Raw Sugar Futures

List of Participants Newly Acquired Listed Commodity Derivatives Clearing Qualifications

On July 27, 2020, JSCC welcomes onboarding of below listed firms as Listed Commodity Derivatives Clearing Participants. (All Principal Clearing Participants)

(As of July 27, 2020)

     OSE Product TOCOM Product   ODE Product
Clearing Participant
(Alphabetical Order)
 Precious Metals  Rubber  Agricultural  Energy  Agricultural  Sugar
 ABN AMRO Clearing Tokyo Co., Ltd.  Principal  Principal  Principal  -  -  -
 Barclays Securities Japan Limited  Principal  Principal  Principal  -  -  -
 COMTEX LTD.  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  -
 Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited  Principal  Principal  -  Principal  -  -
 DAIICHI COMMODITIES CO.,LTD.  -  -  -  Principal  Principal  Principal
 Fujitomi Co.,Ltd.  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  -  -
 HOXSIN BUSSAN Co.,LTD.  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  -  -
 HSBC SECURITIES (JAPAN) LIMITED  Principal  -  -  -  -  -
 Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd.  -  -  -  Principal  -  -
 The Kosei Securities Co.,Ltd.  Principal  Principal  Principal  -  -  -
 Nissan Securities Co.,Ltd.  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  -
 Nomura Securities Co.,Ltd.  Principal  -  -  -  -  -
 OKACHI & CO.,LTD.  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal
 Okato Shoji Co.,Ltd.  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal
 OKAYASU SHOJI CO.,LTD.  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal
 Phillip Securities Japan,Ltd.  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  -  -
 Rakuten Securities,Inc.  Principal  Principal  Principal  -  -  -
 Societe Generale Securities Japan Limited  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  -  -
 Sojitz Corporation  Principal  -  -  -  -  -
 SUNWARD TRADING INC.  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  -
 YUTAKA SHOJI Co.,LTD.  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal  Principal