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Launching a New Website


Launching a New Website

We are pleased to inform you that we are going to launch a new website on April 28, 2008. You will find the following changes at the new site.

(1) Downloading SPAN data from the front page

In order to improve convenience in obtaining SPAN data, we will make it possible to download
SPAN Risk Parameter Files” and “SPAN Parameters”* from the front page.

  • * “Span Parameters” include PriceScanRange, VolatilityScanRange, etc., which are set by JSCC.

(2) Changing the URL of SPAN Risk Parameter Files

The URL of the site at which SPAN Risk Parameter Files are posted will be changed as follows.
If you have a direct link to the URL and download those files currently, please update the link.

                       (“mmdd” is a date of a file)

 (After April 28, 2008)
                       (“mmdd” is a date of a file)

If you do not need to have a direct link, please download the files from the front page or the URL below.

Getting SPAN Data & Info