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New Enrollment of a CDS Clearing Participant (Deutsche Bank)


Today, JSCC has granted CDS clearing qualification to Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft as of the 6th of November.

Deutsche Bank, one of world’s leading financial institution, provides a wide variety of financial services in over 70 countries and leading the world market in the areas such as Investment Banking, Corporate Banking and Asset Management and also actively trading as a key player in the CDS market including iTraxx Japan index which is eligible for clearing by JSCC.

Through participation by Deutsche Bank, further increase and advancement in the use of JSCC’s clearing system is anticipated. JSCC will continue to focus on the stable management and operation of the CDS clearing system, in order to achieve further spread of its use, collaborating with relevant companies.

Given the participation of Deutsche Bank, the number of CDS Clearing Participants now totals to 9 and including 2 participants currently participating by means of Clearing Brokerage, the total numbers of participants for CDS Clearing Business have now become 11.

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