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Release of the “Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures Disclosure”


JSCC has released “Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures Disclosure” on March 31, 2015, describing its compliance with the Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures (“PFMI”), based on the “Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures: Disclosure Framework and Assessment Methodology” published by CPMI-IOSCO (*1).

*1 CPMI (Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures) and IOSCO (International Organization of Securities Commissions) are organizations composed of central banks and securities markets regulators, respectively, and are working together to establish international standards for clearing organizations and other FMIs. These efforts have resulted in the PFMI, which specify high standards, including those for FMI organization, credit/liquidity risk management, default management, effectiveness, and transparency. “CPSS (Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems)-IOSCO” at the time of release.

For “Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures Disclosure”, please refer to the below URL

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