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Integration with Japan Commodity Clearing House


Today, Japan Securities Clearing Corporation (JSCC) merged with Japan Commodity Clearing House Co., Ltd. (JCCH) and started out as newborn JSCC.
All group companies of Japan Exchange Group, Inc. had been united to drive towards the realization of the "Comprehensive Exchange" in light of the policies of the Japanese government, and as a part of such effort, this merger was realized for the purpose of an integration of the clearing function.

JSCC has been offering clearing services in the financial field, such as securities and other listed products, OTC Derivatives and OTC JGBs. Now, at this opportunity of the merger, it will become a clearing house offering one-stop clearing service for both financial and commodity fields, by adding listed commodity derivatives, such as precious metals, rubber, agricultural products, energy futures contracts, that had been cleared at JCCH, to our clearing service coverage.

To be a reliable clearing house for the market participants, both domestic and foreign, JSCC has built global standard clearing frameworks and risk management frameworks. JSCC now applies our clearing frameworks and risk management frameworks so built to the field of the commodity derivatives transactions to reinforce clearing functions related to the commodity derivatives transactions and, thereby, will contribute to an enhancement of reliability in and expansion of Japanese commodity market.

Lastly, for this merger and the launch of our commodity derivatives clearing service, we received great cooperation from many market stakeholders. Taking this opportunity, we would like to express our gratitude, and would appreciate, in advance, your continued support.