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Mar. 06, 2020  JPX marks International Women’s Day, March 8


JPX shows its support for Ring the Bell for Gender Equality 2020

March 8 is designated as International Women’s Day by the United Nations. Every year, exchanges around the globe hold a “Ring the Bell for Gender Equality” ceremony to show support for women’s active participation in society.

Unfortunately, this year the bell-ringing ceremony JPX had planned for March 6 had to be called off in line with company policy to tackle the spread of the novel coronavirus. However, to show our continued support for the purposes of International Women’s Day and Ring the Bell, we decided to display the event information on the big screen and ticker above the former TSE trading floor.

JPX continues to support women’s participation both inside the company and in society as a whole. JPX has implemented work style reforms, programs aimed at enabling a balance of work and family life, and other initiatives so that all employees can advance their careers regardless of gender. JPX is also going beyond improving the skills of female employees and is moving towards improving the understanding of supervisors, with actions such as enhancing management training with content aimed at encouraging understanding of a diverse workforce. In addition, given that women’s further participation in the workforce requires support from men on housework and childcare, JPX has introduced parental leave for male employees within the paid leave system on top of the statutory paternal leave.

Furthermore, in partnership with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), TSE annually publishes a list of companies which make proactive efforts to improve women’s participation and contributions in the workplace, under the name “Nadeshiko Brands”. The Nadeshiko Brands for FY2019 were announced on March 3, 2020.

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