JPX Monthly Headlines

JPX group companies undertake various initiatives and disseminate information with the aim of providing the most attractive markets to all users.
Every month, we showcase the highlights of these efforts in short and concise summaries just for you.


Jun. 3: Participation in Proxy Voting Platform Reached 1,000 Listed Companies

TSE and U.S.-based Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.'s joint venture company, ICJ, Inc., operates an electronic proxy voting platform (the Platform) for use by issuers in Japan. TSE recommends listed companies to use the Platform as part of efforts to promote constructive dialogue between listed companies and institutional investors, and, this year, the number of listed companies participating in the Platform has reached 1,000.
With the growing importance of electronic proxy voting platforms, we hope ICJ's commitment to facilitating dialogue between listed companies and investors will contribute to the further development of Japan's securities market.

Jun. 6: Visit by US Ambassador to Japan HE William Hagerty, IV

On June 6, JPX welcomed Ambassador Hagerty for his first visit to the exchange. After a brief tour of the visitor facility, we had the opportunity to share opinions on various issues including the recent changes in corporate governance reforms. We were deeply honored by the Ambassador's visit and will continue working to promote understanding of Japan's capital markets through various channels.
(photo courtesy of US Embassy Tokyo)

Jun. 11: TCFD Forum

JPX and Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) jointly held a forum on the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). A diverse range of presenters from PRI, the Financial Services Agency, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Ministry of the Environment, institutional investors and companies making cutting-edge efforts in the fields of sustainability, spoke at this forum and discussed how to practice recommendation of the TCFD. With an over 400-person audience, mainly from listed companies and investors, this forum was a great success.

Jun. 12: 30th Anniversary of Launch of Stock Index Options

June 12, 2019 marks 30 years since the launch of stock index options.
Over the past 30 years since the launch of Nikkei 225 Options on June 12, 1989 and TOPIX Options on October 20, 1989, stock index options have provided an efficient risk avoidance tool for investors as a product with greater suitability for hedging, as well as providing a diverse range of investment opportunities.
More recently, we have seen its role widen. For example, there is an index of volatility derived from the price inputs of listed options that is now being used as an indicator for the market as a whole.

Jun. 19: 18th Annual General Shareholders Meeting

On June 19, JPX held its 18th Annual General Shareholders Meeting, and over 2,300 shareholders were in attendance.
During the shareholders meeting, for over two hours, shareholders engaged actively in the question and answer session with a number of questions and opinions on the management policies and business development of JPX. The meeting concluded with the approval of all resolutions.
JPX strives to generate constructive dialogue with shareholders through the shareholders meeting and works tirelessly to nurture a trusting relationship with shareholders over the long term.

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Jun. 25: Ceremonies to Commemorate Launch of Japan-China ETF Connectivity

Ceremonies were held in Tokyo and Shanghai to commemorate the launch of Japan-China ETF Connectivity, a scheme jointly developed by JPX and Shanghai Stock Exchange.
In Tokyo, the Financial Services Agency and Shanghai Stock Exchange joined many institutions involved in the Japanese and Chinese capital markets to celebrate the birth of the ETFs under the scheme.
While there have been Chinese equity ETFs listed in Tokyo, the ETFs that were listed in Shanghai became the first to track Japanese equity indices in China, thus realizing the mutual listing of ETFs across the two markets.