Examination of Trades (Market Surveillance)

In order to secure the fairness of the market transactions and the reliability of the market, the Exchange monitors all transactions (placement, cancellation, correction, and execution of orders) carried out in the markets of the Exchange, and investigates the status of transactions and price trends to detect unfair trade practice, including market manipulation.
If there is a need to confirm the details of a transaction or any doubt about a transaction as a result of the investigation, the Exchange will conduct a fact-finding inquiry with the Members concerned.
If the transaction in question is determined, through such investigation and/or inquiry, to be an instance of unfair trading, etc.; i.e. practice prohibited by the Commodity Derivatives Act, or deemed to violate TOCOM rules and regulations, the Exchange will impose sanctions or other dispositions against the Member who carried out the transaction.
In this case, the Exchange may take actions even if transactions arise from carelessness or negligence.