TOPIX Futures (Large Contracts)

About TOPIX Futures (Large Contracts)

TOPIX Futures is a stock index futures contract on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Stock Price Index (TOPIX).


Trading Unit

The minimum trading unit (1 contract) is 10,000 times TOPIX.

Tick Size

0.5 pts


Similar to Nikkei 225 Futures, TOPIX Futures contracts are traded by pledging collateral called margin.

Please refer to the Japan Securities Clearing Corporation (JSCC) website for details on the margin calculation method.


Contract Months

The last 5 contract months out of March, June, September and December are traded.

Market Information

Trading Volume by Trading Participant
Open Interest by Trading Participant

Market Maker Program

From the viewpoint of ensuring the smooth trading opportunity, Market Maker Program is applied to TOPIX Futures.

Market Maker Program