Today's Trading Overview

OSE Derivatives Trading Overview Update Time File
Night Session (Jun. 18, 2021) 9:00 icon-xls
Day Session - Morning (Jun. 18, 2021) 12:00 icon-xls
Day Session - Afternoon (Jun. 18, 2021) 17:00 icon-xls
OSE Derivatives Open Interest Update Time File
OSE Derivatives Open Interest (Jun. 18, 2021) 20:00 icon-xls
Securities Options Update Time File
Securities Options Trading Data per each Underlying (Jun. 18, 2021) 17:00 icon-pdf
Securities Options Quotations (Jun. 18, 2021) 17:00 icon-xls
Settlement Price for Index Futures Update Time File
Settlement Price for Index Futures (Jun. 18, 2021) 16:00 icon-xls
  • ・Please refer to "Reference Data for Flexible Options" for flexible Options data(trading data,Volatility, etc.).
     Reference Data for Flexible Options
  • ・The information on transferred products to OSE( Precious Metals, Rubbers, Agricultural Products) is included in existing files after July 27, 2020.
    The former "JPX Derivatives Trading Overview" and the former"JPX Derivatives Open Interest" were renamed as "OSE Derivatives Trading Overview" and "OSE Derivatives Open Interest". The title inside these files were renamed as well.
  • ・The information on TOCOM products(Energy) remain publishing on TOCOM website.
     Market Data(TOCOM Website)
  • ・From July 27, 2020, the update time for the Trading Overview reports of Night, Morning and Afternoon sessions will be changed to 9:00, 12:00 noon and 17:00 (JST) respectively. Also, the update time for the Securities Options reports will be changed to 17:00.
  • ・Market data in "Day Session - Morning" file is aggregated until the following time.
    <JGB Futures and JGB Options>
      Auction Market : 11:02 (JST)
      J-NET Market  : 11:07 (JST)
    <Other Products>
      11:00 (JST)
    Market data after the above time is published on "Day Session - Afternoon" file.
    6 All the contracts of the TOPIX Dividend Index Futures and TOPIX Core30 Dividend Index Futures have been ceased from August 17, 2020.
Reference Data for Flexible Options