Standardization of Trading Unit

Stock exchanges nationwide move toward a standard 100-share trading unit for common shares issued by all domestically listed companies with the aim of offering markets where each and every investor can trade more easily.

Tokyo Stock Exchange and stock exchanges across Japan have been pushing to transition to a single trading unit of 100 shares for the purpose of improving market convenience for investors since November 2007.
Counting on the cooperation and understanding of listed companies, stock exchanges have successfully reduced the sizes of trading units from the former eight lots to the two lots of 100 and 1000 shares as of 2014. As a result, stocks for approximately 94% of all the TSE-listed domestic companies are currently being traded in 100-share lots.
Stock exchanges in Japan plan to complete the standardization of trading units for common shares issued by all domestically listed companies (transition to 100-share trading units) by October 1, 2018.
We ask all listed companies currently trading in 1000-share units to complete their transition to the 100-share trading unit by the deadline and are prepared to offer our support in efforts toward the transition.