Standardization of Trading Unit

Shifted to Standardized Trading Unit of 100 Shares for Domestic Stocks on October 1, 2018!

TSE and other domestic stock exchanges have pushed for a single trading unit of 100 shares for the purpose of improving market convenience for investors since November 2007.

Thanks to the cooperation between stock exchanges and listed companies, the variety of trading units was successfully reduced from the former eight lots to the two lots of 100 and 1,000 shares by 2014, and then to a single lot of 100 shares on October 1, 2018.

TSE is committed to operating cash equity markets where all investors can trade more easily.

*Please note that the aforementioned change does not apply to stock of Mitsui Home Co., Ltd. (Code: 1868, 1st Section; hereinafter "the Company"), which will continue to be traded in 1,000-share units, because said stock is deemed likely to meet the delisting criteria in light of an announcement released by the Company on September 26, 2018 stating that the Company adopted a resolution to approve a demand for cash out by Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.