Historical Data

TSE historical data such as Stock Price data and Statistics data can be purchased at “JPX Data Cloud”:

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Please see below for the data API distribution service for individual investors.

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Item JPX Data Cloud J-Quants API
Users For individuals/For corporations For individuals
Corporate Use Available Unavailable
Redistribution Available Unavailable
Prices (tax included) Purchase files on a case-by-case basis Subscription plans

  • Free Plan JPY 0
  • Light Plan JPY 1,650/month
  • Standard Plan JPY 3,300/month
  • Premium Plan JPY 16,500/month
Delivery Methods Files API
Payments Credit card/Bank transfers Credit card


If you are interested in Tick Data described in the following table, please refer to the “Tick Data” tab in the top of this page.

Data Overview Data Contents
Tick Data Historical data of market information provided from FLEX in real time basis -FLEX Standard
-FLEX Full
Processing Service for Stock Order Data Data processed from FLEX Full by processing menus that are often used to analyze price formation and liquidity during trading hours and provided as CSV format. Bid ask spread, Micro price, Volume curve, etc.
Stock Price Information Stock price information and TSE calculated indices information including TOPIX -O/H/L/C
-Tick data
-Indices data (O/H/L/C, EOD, EOM, tick data)
-Open Interest of Margin Transactions
Statistics Data Various statistics data including trading volume, quotation and market capitalization of each stock. Data is available in Excel or PDF files. -Monthly Trading Volume
-Daily Trading Volume and Trading Value
-Monthly Quotations
-Yearly Quotations
-Trading Volume and Trading Value of
Individual Stock
-Market Capitalization of Individual Stock at End of Month
-Long Term Statistics Data
TOPIX β Value
TOPIX β value, coefficient of determination, β value for each issue, β value by size / Industrial Classifications, rate of return -TOPIX β value
-Coefficient of determination
-β value for each issue
-β value by size / Industrial Classifications (not included in the TSE 2nd Section and MOTHERS data)
-Rate of Return