New Listings


Date of Listing Date of Listing Approval Issue Name*2 Code Market Division*3 Outline of Listing Issue*4
Feb. 07, 2020 Dec. 26, 2019 Koyou Rentia Co.,Ltd. 7081 JASDAQ Standard -
Feb. 07, 2020 Dec. 26, 2019 Jimoty,Inc. 7082 Mothers -

  • This table is prepared for the sole purpose of providing reference information on new listings. It is not intended for soliciting investments on such companies.
  • "**" denotes a technical listing.
  • “Undecided” issues shall be assigned to list on either 1st Section or 2nd Section by the time the offering price is determined.
  • As of 3 business days before listing
  • ・For the latest IPO figures, please refer to "Overview of IPO".
Overview of IPO