Securities on Special Alert

In Jan. 2024, “Securities on Alert” was renamed “Securities on Special Alert” after revisions to the related rules. Details of the rules for Securities on Special Alert and the background to the revisions can be found on the following pages:

Rules for Securities on Special Alert
Revisions to the Rules for Securities on Alert in Order to Improve the Effectiveness of Listed Companies' Improvements to Their Internal Management Systems

Current Designations (securities designated after Jan. 2024)

No corresponding information

Current Designations (securities designated before Dec. 2023)

Issue Name Code Market Segment Designation Date Details Additional Information
Date of Decision to Continue Designation
TOKYO KOKI CO.LTD. 7719 Standard Mar. 30, 2023 icon-pdf
May 24, 2024 icon-pdf
  • ・The "Market Segment" column above shows the market segment as of the designation date (or the most recent extension date, if the designation has been extended).

Please refer to the page below for information on daily publication of outstanding margin trading for issues designated as Securities on Special Alert.

Outstanding Margin Trading, etc.