Designation of Securities on Alert

Current Designations

Issue Name Code Market Segment* Designation Date Reason Remarks
Date of Decision to Continue Designation
ARDEPRO Co.,Ltd. 8925 Standard Nov. 30, 2023 icon-pdf
- -
VISIONARYHOLDINGS CO.,LTD. 9263 Standard Aug. 31, 2023 icon-pdf
- -
amana inc. 2402 Growth Jul. 04, 2023 icon-pdf
- -
TOKYO KOKI CO.LTD. 7719 Standard Mar. 30, 2023 icon-pdf
- -
  • As of the designation date

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Enforcement Measures (Rules for Securities on Alert)

Please refer to the link below for information on daily publication of outstanding margin trading for issues designated as Securities on Alert

Outstanding Margin Trading, etc.