Derivatives Trading Services

Osaka Exchange INC (hereinafter called OSE) and Tokyo Commodity Exchange (hereinafter called TOCOM), has adopted the system for its derivatives trading system from NASDAQ, which is the system being used by Exchanges from around the world. Considering the trend of domestic and international competing Exchanges, and from the viewpoint of improving conveniences for investors and international competitiveness of derivatives market, J-GATE was launched on July 16, 2016 then replaced on September 21, 2021.

Furthermore, Trading Participants and Users are required to use arrownet which is a network infrastructure linked to OSE trading systems in order to perform trading.

Services overview

Product Derivatives
System J-GATE
Products traded Index Futures
JGB Futures
Options, etc.
Trading hours For details, please refer to trading hours
List of ISVs List of ISVs
Connectivity services Available
For details, please refer to connectivity services – overview