Outstanding Margin Trading, etc.

As of May 24, 2024; application based icon-xls icon-pdf
  • Updated at approximately 16:00 (JST) every business day.
  • Daily publication of outstanding margin trading from the previous business day for 1. restricted issues concerning margin trading, 2. issues subject to daily publication, 3. Securities on Special Alert, and 4. issues subject to alert on unclear information for which TSE deems it necessary, as decided by TSE, as well as 5. issues subject to a notice for precaution for the use of stocks for loan trading and 6. issues subject to restrictions on applications for the use of stocks for loan trading as decided by Japan Securities Finance Co., Ltd (JSF).

Please refer to the following pages for information on 1-4.

Regulatory Measures, etc., Concerning Margin Trading
Daily Publication, etc., Concerning Margin Trading
Designation of Securities on Special Alert
Alerts Regarding Unclear Information, etc.

Please refer to the JSF website for information on 5 and 6.

Japan Securities Finance Co., Ltd.(Restriction/Suspension of Loans for Margin Transactions)icon-block