Equities Trading Services

TSE offers cash products. Trading of them is handled by 2 separate systems, arrowhead and ToSTNeT system. When trading cash products , you will need to connect to the arrownet network that links systems of trading participants and users, and the TSE trading and market information systems.

Services overview

Product Cash products
Auction ToSTNeT
System arrowhead ToSTNeT System
Products traded Stocks (domestic, foreign, preferred, etc.)
CB, etc. *
Trading hours 9:00-11:30
(Single stock trading)
List of ISVs List of ISVs
Protocol TCP/IP
Market information FLEX Full
FLEX Standard
FLEX Standard(WB)
FLEX Standard
FLEX Standard(WB)
Connectivity Services Available
For details, please refer to Connectivity Services - Overview.

  • JGBs can be traded from 12:30 to 14:00 by a method other than the trading system.

For details on obtaining market information, please refer to the page below.

Market Information System -MAINS-

For details on the RFQ platform CONNEQTOR, please refer to the page below.

RFQ Platform