Special Quotations

Special Quotations (Index Futures・Options)

January 2019 Contracts
Nikkei 225 20,290.67 yen
Nikkei 225 Weekly Options 1st week 19,446.21 yen
Nikkei 225 VI 23.07 points
TOPIX 1,531.94 points
JPX-Nikkei 400 13,578.60 points
TAIEX 9,784 points

Special Quotations (Dividend Index Futures)

No corresponding information

  • ・The SQ is updated the day following the last trading day (LTD) of each product(Please refer to Last Trading Day for the LTD).
  • ・Update time of SQ for each product is as follows.

    Updated after 15:15 (Nikkei 225, Nikkei 225 VI, DJIA, India Nifty 50, FTSE China 50 Index, Nikkei 225 Dividend, TOPIX Dividend, TOPIX Core30 Dividend)
    Updated after 15:25 (TOPIX, JPX-Nikkei 400, TSE Mothers Index, TOPIX Core30, TOPIX Banks Index, TSE REIT Index)
    Updated after 15:50 (RN Prime Index, TAIEX)

    (In addition, the update time for March, June, September, December, may be later than other contracts.)

Historical Data

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